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It's important at Intake Education that we help future students by putting them in touch with students we have placed in universities before, in a genuine and safe way.  To do this, Intake offers a 'Chat with Students' service on their website, which allows real-life students (Ambassadors) to show how Intake helped them through their application process and their experiences at their chosen university, through online chat, photos and videos of life away from home. 


Intake has 20 Ambassadors that can chat with students, at least one from every country where there is an Intake office, who are there to chat online and answer all kinds of questions and concerns about studying overseas.  Their knowledge and real-life experience is important in helping new students choose the best country to study in, university and help prepare future students for the exciting journey ahead. 


In the last year, this website service has had over 7,000 online chats with students thinking of studying overseas with a massive 50,000 messages shared.  The Ambassadors have answered every kind of question, from their experience applying with Intake, to living abroad, university and campus life, courses, visas, scholarships - literally anything students may need to know before they study overseas! 


To reach the ambassador community, find out why they applied with Intake and how this could be a great option for any student considering studying overseas, visit and click on 'Chat with Students' to sign up and chat to an Ambassador today. 


Chat with Students

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