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Study Business Analytics in the UK

If you are an engineering, mathematics, or finance major and want to widen your skillset, change careers or work in international companies, studying business analytics can give you the skills and knowledge to broaden your career options. Through a MSc in Business Analytics, you can learn technical and practical skills which are in-demand, and get hands-on experience to boost your resume upon graduation.  


As UK universities offer some of the most highly-sought after and globally-ranked business analytics courses, it is a popular option for studying an MSc abroad. Here we’ll discuss why business analytics can help you progress in your career, and some courses for you to consider, recommended by the Intake advisory team. 


What Is Business Analytics? 

Business analytics involves using research and analysis methods to help evaluate business performance and form strategies to improve business outcomes. Business analysts will conduct assessments and communicate these results to internal teams or stakeholders, providing an evaluation or advice relating to the topic of inquiry. Business analysts use a range of tools, software, and methodologies to acquire empirical evidence and illustrate results through reports, presentations, and documentation.  


Business analysts can work within many departments of a company, and their skills can be applied across a range of industries. Therefore, studying an MSc in business analytics can be a way to work in industries which suit your skills and interests. Likewise, business analysts often bridge the gap between international divisions of a global company, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with global brands and teams.  


Why Study a MSc in Business Analytics? 

Aside from business analytics being an interesting and diverse discipline to study, a MSc business analytics can help you with your personal and career goals. Through a Business Analytics MSc, you can:  


Build Transferable Skills 

Business analytics courses often have a wide variety of courses to choose from, so you can build up a diverse skill set in both hard and soft skills. Courses in team management, organisation, risk management and strategy are highly beneficial to a business analytics career, where working with teams and stakeholders is common. The skills learned in a business analytics MSc can qualify you for jobs in business design, project management and consultancy. 


Gain Technical Knowledge 

Knowledge of statistics, big data, data visualisation and programming is required to conduct the research required in business analytics. A MSc in business analytics will be more STEM-focussed, where you can practise and use software for programming, research and learn how to communicate these results. These skills are necessary for careers in business analytics, so having a wide range of technical knowledge can improve your career prospects. 


Get Practical Experience 

A MSc degree in business analytics will require a dissertation in order to graduate. This individual project will allow you to highlight the skills you learned through your degree, and how you can apply them to a real-world situation. Aside from the dissertation, MSc business analytics degrees in the UK have hands-on projects within courses, and the opportunity to do small projects in collaboration with real businesses in the UK. Hands-on projects will require you to not only conduct research, but also put your documentation and communication skills into practice. These practical projects are a great way to get relevant experience, and are a great addition to your resume.  


Expand on Current Knowledge 

Prior knowledge in STEM or financial disciplines is required for a business analytics MSc, as the programme will focus on expanding your understanding of your specialisation within the context of business. A MSc in business analytics will therefore encourage you to challenge the ways you apply your prior education, and gives you the opportunity to learn from other students with backgrounds different to yours. Having a wider appreciation for the value of collaboration will help you improve your soft skills in problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork as well.  


Where to Study Business Analytics in the UK  

There are a wide range of options for studying a business analytics MSc in the UK, depending on your study goals and prior education. Here are our recommendations for UK universities to study a MSc in business analytics programme:  


University of Manchester – MSc Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Management 

Ranked 2nd in the UK and 10th in the world by the QS Business Master’s Rankings 2022, this programme is focussed on building skills in quantitative analysis and research. The programme often collaborates with the University of Manchester’s Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre, providing valuable insights from the latest research. Skills learnt from this MSc can be applied in highly technical fields such as finance, consultancy, IT, and manufacturing.  


University of Manchester – MSc Business Analytics and Strategic Management 

This course prioritises the practical skills required for a career in business analytics, such as consulting, communication, documentation, as well as hard skills in analysis. This programme offers a practical placement where you work on a consulting project for a real UK company. Skills for this programme can be applied in business departments across many industries. 


University of Northampton – Business Analytics MSc 

This programme is catered towards engineers who want to use their skills to improve business outcomes. The programme is focussed on technical applications of business analytics, and involves a research project to showcase your understanding. This program gives students the opportunity to learn from industry leaders both in the classroom and through  


University of Edinburgh – MSc Business Analytics 

Ranked 19th in the world by the QS World Business Master’s Rankings 2023, this programme can be tailored towards your career and industry interests. There are a wide range of elective courses, with guest speakers, project options and the opportunity to develop first-hand industry knowledge. As it includes compulsory courses in the principles of business analytics, the University of Edinburgh's MSc programme is therefore a great option for those with a more general business background. 


University of Bath – Business Analytics MSc 

Ranked in the top 10 in the UK by the QS Business Master’s Rankings 2023, this programme has a strong focus on using big data to help businesses improve their outcomes. A strong foundational knowledge in statistics, analysis and business intelligence will be taught, and courses in machine learning and data mining allow you to you utilise cutting-edge tools and build a strong analytics skill set. Your dissertation will use real data from real companies, giving you the opportunity to gain industry experience before graduation.  


Study Business Analytics in the UK With Intake 

If you want to pursue a MSc in Business Analytics in the UK, but want to talk more about your options, talk with an Intake Advisor today. Based on your education and career goals, we can help you decide which programme is right for you. Speak with an Intake Advisor and get started on planning your study abroad experience today.  

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