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Do you want to study in the EU but you think it’s difficult because you don’t speak any European languages?  

Don’t you worry because there is an English-speaking country that you can go for: Ireland! 


Ireland is an independent country next to the UK. People speak English but use euro there. You can study for degrees or take a language course in Ireland and easily travel to the continent for holidays. You don’t even need to exchange the currency. Book a flight and you’re ready to go! 

Dubbed European Silicon Valley, Ireland houses the European headquarters of many international tech giants, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and LinkedIn and, thus, offers a great deal of job and internship opportunities, which you can explore during and/or after your study with a 2-year work permit provided by the Third Level Graduate Programme to find a local job and start a new chapter of your life. 


Top University in Ireland: Trinity College Dublin 

Founded in the late 16th Century by Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity College Dublin is known for its Old Library where some scenes of the Harry Potter films were shot and where the Book of Kells, Ireland's national treasure, is kept. 

Trinity College Dublin encourages diverse learning methods, such as global cooperation, international internship programmes, lab placements, and through them, prepares students for their future careers in a challenging workplace on a global scale.  


The E3 project Trinity College Dublin launched combines engineering, environment and emerging technologies, offering STEM students more advantages. 


Trinity College Dublin library 都柏林聖三一大學圖書館


Popular Courses in Trinity College Dublin 

  • Engineering (Environmental / Structural and Geotechnical / Transport/ Sustainable Energy) (M.Sc/P.Grad.Dip) 
  • Electronic Information Engineering (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.)  
  • Computer Science (M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip) 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (M.Sc) 

Top University in Ireland: University College Dublin 

Located in Belfield, south to the Dublin city centre, University College Dublin has a 330-acre campus with 6 colleges, 37 associated schools and numerous research centres. 

University College Dublin is the largest and leading research-intensive university in Ireland and its alumni include many Irish prime ministers and presidents as well as Nobel prize winners. 

Despite its rich history, University College Dublin has a very modern campus and provides students with the best research equipment. The UCD School of Business ranks top 1% among business schools worldwide and belongs to an elite group of business schools that are triple accredited of EQUIS (Europe), AACSB (US) and AMBA (UK). 


Business school lecture商學院課程


Popular Courses in University College Dublin 

  • Business Analytics (MSc) 
  • MBA 
  • Medicine  

Study in Ireland: Visa & IRP Application 

Non-EU citizens who plan to stay in Ireland for more than three months must apply for IRP (Irish Resident Permission, formerly known as GNIB). It is your residence permit while you study in Ireland. 


Documents needed to apply for Irish study visa 

  1. Application summary document   
  2. Application letter 
  3. Colourised photographs of you (passport sized and taken within 6 months)  
  4. Your current passport and full copies of all past passports 
  5. Proof of enrollment in a privately funded course  
  6. Employment history and proof that accounts for educational gaps 
  7. Proof of payment to college  
  8. Proof of English (or Irish) ability 
  9. Proof of funds   
  10. Private medical insurance 
  11. Previous visa refusals  

Documents needed to apply for IRP 

  1. Your passport  
  2. IRP appointment confirmation  
  3. Proof of funds (for at least €3,000)  
  4. Proof of enrollment 
  5. Student insurance (make sure your insurance meets the requirement for your study visa)  
  6. Proof of address (don’t forget to ask the house owner to get mails for you) 
  7. Credit card (you need to pay €300 for your IRP application and they only take credit cared) 

How to apply for IRP 

Starting from 11 April 2022, book an IRP application appointment after you enter Ireland by calling the freephone number 1800-741741. 


Students in Dublin

  1. Head to the following address: 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2 with all the required documents at the scheduled time.  
  2. Pay €300 (credit card only). 

Your IRP will be mailed to the address you provided on your application within 10 working days. 


Students outside Dublin 

  1. Head to the local Garda station to apply for your IRP.  
  2. Pay €300 (credit card only). 

Get your IRP when it is ready. 


Opening a Bank Account in Ireland: How & What you need 

Before you can open an account in Ireland as an international student, you need to get a bank letter from the school.  

Only full time students at universities or language schools can open a student bank account. 

The earlier you open a bank account, the better as the whole process can last as long as two weeks. You don’t want not having a bank account to disrupt your schedule. 

If you wish to provide proof of funds with an Irish bank account, deposit or transfer €3,000 cash into your account as soon as possible. (You can still use this €3,000 later; this is just for the proof of funds.) Apply for bank statement and have it mailed to your Irish address. It might take 3-5 days.  


Intake Education Help You Realise Your Potential in Ireland 

Ireland is a great place for you to start an international career, a place where you can study and explore different job opportunities at the same time. To know more about studying and applying for schools in Ireland, book an free appointment with us.  


Let us help you with your journey of studying abroad. From choosing the best programme for you to preparing application documents, we are there for you. 

Find Your Direction

At Intake, we are all about giving great advice to each individual, to help you find the right path forward to reach your goals. Get in contact today to see where you could go in future!