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Study Medicine in Australia

Studying Medicine in Australia: Everything You Need to Know 

Are you thinking about studying medicine in Australia? The excellent professorship of medical courses Australian universities offer and great career opportunities and working conditions after graduation are some of the reasons why people want to pursue a medical degree in Australia. 


In this blog post, we’ll cover what you need to know before you start planning to study medicine in Australia. 


Why Study Medicine in Australia


Among the countries with the most pioneering medical research, Australia has proudly contributed to many medical discoveries and breakthroughs such as the bionic ear, greyscale ultrasound imaging, spray-on skin and the cervical cancer vaccine. Australia is, therefore, an ideal place for international students to study medicine, and start their medical careers, for several reasons. 


Top Scholarship

5 Australian universities ranked top 50 for their medical schools in the World University Rankings by Subject 2022. They are: 

  • University of Melbourne: 13th 
  • University of Sydney: 17th 
  • Monash University: 28th 
  • University of Queensland: 32nd 
  • University of New South Wales: 44th 

Career Prospects

Medical professionals, like general practitioners and psychiatrists, have been in high demand in Australia for years and they still are. 


Government Financial Incentives

You can be eligible for financial incentives provided by the Australian government if you choose to practice medicine in Australia after you complete your medical studies. One of them is Workforce Incentive Program Doctor Stream, which encourages doctors and physicians to practice in rural areas. Eligible doctors might receive varying financial incentives based on the location and number of years practising medicine there. 

Studying Medicine in Australia: Fees & Costs


While you create your plan to study medicine in Australia, make sure you take both tuition fees and living costs into consideration. 

The average tuition fees for Australian medical schools and colleges range from AU$225,200 to AU$ 630,000 for international students. Undergraduate medical courses usually last for 6 years, while graduate medical courses are 4-year long in Australia.  


MBBS Tuition Fees 

Here is a list of tuition fees of Australian universities for international students who want to study medicine. Please note that the fees may adjust every year. For the latest tuition fee information, please contact your Intake Advisor.


Tuition Fee of Studying Medicine in Australia


Living Costs 

Another important cost you need to keep in mind when studying medicine in Australia is the living expenses. While it certainly differs from person to person, you can still find estimated living costs helpful. 

The living expenses can range from AU$ 35,000 to 40,000 per year, including accommodation, food and meals, gas and electricity, internet, transportation, and entertainment. 

Best Australian Medical Programmes 

Other than the 5 medical schools ranking among the global top 50, many other universities in Australia offer medical courses of the highest qualities. There are also different types of medical courses, BMed and MD, for international students who finish the 12th year or undergraduate degrees in Australia. 


Best Medicine School in Australia


Job Prospects

After finishing the course and obtaining a degree in medicine, you can start your career as a general practitioner in Australia. But there are also other career choices for you, such as specialised doctors, researchers, lecturers, and scientific journalists. Some of them include: 

  • General Practitioner: Average annual salary: AU$297,184 

Specialised Medical Professionals

  • Anaesthetist: Average annual salary: AU$477,942 
  • Cardiologist: Average annual salary: AU$471,619 
  • Radiologist: Average annual salary: AU$515,606 
  • Neurologist: Average annual salary: AU$353,405 
  • Psychiatrist: Average annual salary: AU$300,758 
  • Surgeon: Average annual salary: AU$458,698 
  • Professor of Medicine: Average annual salary: AU$150,877 

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