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BSA Boarding Schools' Association

We are happy to announce that Intake has been selected to become a Certified Agent in the British Boarding Schools' Association (BSA). 


BSA, who speaks for Intake's boarding school partners and is known as the "voice of boarding schools," encourages excellence in both schools and agents. Being a Certified Agent is a mark of professional quality and represents only those who have the highest standards in recruitment, safeguarding, and student placement. The certification procedure is rigorous, looking for only the best education agents. 


Joining the scheme as one of the few accredited agents gives families wishing to send their kids abroad confidence that they are working with an agency that is committed to helping the student take the right course of action. As a member in the BSA Certified Agent program, Intake has access to the whole BSA membership as well as the BSA assurance of professional excellence. The BSA is an organization with over 600 member schools that enjoys recognition on a global scale.   


British Boarding School Association(BSA) 

The Boarding School Association (BSA), which includes more than 600 schools in 37 countries, is the most representative boarding school association in the UK and has significant global influence. 


The BSA services include professional development, government relations, communications, media, publication, conferences and events.  

For more details on the UK boarding school application process. Please visit BSA website and speak with an Intake advisor.  

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