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Intake Study World exhibition is an important event that students can gain a plenty of information about studying abroad. If you come prepared, you’ll get a lot more out of a study abroad exhibition, including preparation for future interviews and laying the groundwork for your documents/SOP. Follow these 3 tips and you'll be set!


Three preparations before study abroad exhibition

  • A paper copy of your CV and university transcript

You can provide your CV and transcripts to university representatives and consultants, helping you understand the possibilities of applying.


  • Art & Design portfolio

You can get advice on your portfolio from university representatives.


  • List your dream schools and prepare some questions

It is recommended that you ask your advisor or school representative questions about things you aren’t able to find online.


What kinds of questions should I ask in study abroad exhibition?

There are some frequent questions asked for you to ask in the study abroad exhibition.


  • Do you require that my bachelor’s degree is in a related field of study?
  • Do you require relevant work experience to be eligible for admission?  
  • My favourite subject in school is _________. How can that translate into a major at your school?

Student life

  • How diverse is your student body?
  • What are the university facilities like?
  • Does the university provide facilities such as labs, research centres or business incubators?
  • Is there a sports complex or fitness centre?
  • Can I study another foreign language during my studies?


  • What is the focus of the curriculum?
  • What's the programme's greatest asset?
  • What aspects do you look for in an application?
  • Are internships a part of this master’s programme?
  • Does your B-school offer study abroad or exchange programmes during master’s degree studies?


  • How do you select applicants?
  • What should I highlight to improve my personal statement?
  • Are certain majors more competitive to gain admission to than others?
  • What can I do to improve my chances of admission?


  • Is there career service help for graduates? Please describe job placement or other career services you offer.
  • What do most graduates from the university go on to do?
  • How big/helpful is the alumni network on campus?

You can sort the questions out before, and consult the university’s representatives and consultants in the study abroad exhibition! If you have no idea about how to list schools and departments, welcome to ask our Intake professional advisors first, we'll assist you to find your individual career plan.


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