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Pocklington School

Pocklington School

Year established 1514

Pocklington School

Year established 1514


Nearest Airport: Manchester

Nearest Station: York

Number of Students

Age range: Age 10 -18

Number of students: 750

Number of boarders: 90


Pocklington School is over 500 years old, nevertheless it is a modern and ambitious school.  Pocklington is a rural market town, 11 miles from the historic city of York, in the North East of England, yet York is only two hours by train from London.  


The school encourages individuals to be confident and considerate; fostering self-respect and self-belief, with personal responsibility and service to others being expected.  In all areas of school life, Pocklington seek to nurture talent and aspiration, to encourage perseverance and to prepare young people for the challenges of adult life. 



Subject content is carefully selected to ensure that pupils develop key learning skills and the ability to 'think like an expert' whilst also acquiring subject-specific knowledge and understanding.  Small class sizes and specialist facilities all help to broaden pupils' horizons and deliver learning of the highest quality. 


While much teaching takes place in mixed ability groupings, core subjects are taught in ability-based sets which are gradually introduced during Lower School and continue to the end of GCSE study. 


In the sixth form, a robust programme of careers and subject guidance and support helps them select subjects that best fit individual interests and aptitudes.  



The school prides itself on outstanding pastoral care (graded as excellent by the ISI Inspection of November 2021) 



There are four separate Boarding Houses, each appointed to a high standard and each House can accommodate 30-40 boarders.  Younger boarders are accommodated in spacious rooms of 2-4 beds.  Older boarders are accommodated in either single, double or triple rooms with arrangements depending upon the respective House. 


View Boarding: Pocklington School more information about the boarding facilities. 



The aim at Pocklington is to instil their core values of courage, truth and trust within the students’ characters by offering them a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to stretch and challenge them.  Pocklington is committed to helping each child find their passion, nurture their talents and prepare them for a successful life after school. The co-curricular programme is an integral element of the education and on starting their journey at Pocklington School, each child is presented with the ‘POCK Challenge.’ The challenge invites the students to immerse themselves in at least one club or activity from each of the following categories: Physical, Outreach, Creative, Knowledge. In doing so, young people will discover more about their capabilities, widen their skill set and round off their character to create confident, intelligent and pragmatic individuals with bright futures ahead of them. 


View the co-curricular booklet which lists the co-curricular activities Co-curricularbooklet2122.pdf ( 



Pocklington School

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