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  West Buckland School

Son's dream of studying A-level, an internationally recognised qualification has come true at West Buckland School.


Intake – Let me know more about boarding school options

The Intake team were very professional and assisted us in discovering the UK academic system and learning environment, then suggested suitable boarding schools for our son when, at the time, we only knew about US schools.


We joined an Intake Fair, talked with many schools, and were very impressed with the warm and friendly discussion we had with Melanie Tennant, Admissions Manager at West Buckland, which resulted in us choosing this school for our son.


We have definitely made the right choice for our son. Although West Buckland is located in a secluded countryside location, the learning environment is very good, with fully equipped facilities, a variety of outdoor and extra-curricular activities, as well as friendly and enthusiastic teachers.


Intake - Help us in applying to boarding school, arranging transportation and accommodation

We would like to thank the Intake team for their dedicated, professional work and for introducing us to West Buckland and Melanie Tennant, with whom we had first contact, and who offered us great support. Thanks to Intake, our son's dream of studying an A-level has come true. Therefore, when any of our relatives or friends want their children to study abroad, we will always strongly recommend Intake to them.


A very special person who we would like to thank the most is our Intake Advisor, Nguyen Thi Dinh. She has been wholeheartedly supporting us and our son through the whole process, from submitting the application to arranging transport and accommodation for our son in the UK. 


I hope that Intake enjoys even further growth and success.


Mr & Mrs Ngo, Vietnam.


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