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Culture shock

What is Culture Shock?

It is an emotional and psychological feeling that occurs when a person feels a gap between his social and cultural identity. Most especially, when they are suddenly thrown in a different environment, climate and educational setting. These students feel lost, and they do not know how to deal with this feeling.

Here are some tips on how to dust it off like a strong Intake Education student studying in any of our study destination.



Most intending students find it difficult to get a place to stay. Especially for late students who were not able to get a school hostel, Apartments are often quickly seized, landlords can't even manage to answer all received requests, and prices can be out of the budget. Yet, there's no need to panic; despite the challenges, there are several ways to find a suitable room. One is the school hostels which are the best as you get to interact with different people daily reducing any thoughts of home. There are other student accommodation providers to be considered and your dedicated counselor will help you the best with your approval.

Keep in mind that, most good accommodation has all facilities and amenities provided (Wi-Fi, Laundry, Parking Space etc.) All these would help you create your own personal go-to home country.



Bring along something that reminds you of home, leave space in your suitcase to bring something that makes you feel at home even in your new place, whether it's a dress/shirt, a photo, a small box of effects etc. Having items that reminds you of home will have a positive impact on your mood, especially in moments where you might be caught up with a bit of homesickness and maximize the use of internet in these periods, Watch YouTube Videos, go on Instagram, make video calls with friends and family.

You’ll find yourself smiling and happy in a short while.



Take full advantage of this opportunity to explore the new country and university that hosts you.

At least when you’re thoroughly settled with resumption, be sure to visit a new place every day, for example, just by taking a different way home. And take the weekend to do some out-of-the-way trips. Join clubs that will expose you to the local culture, the food, the sights, the sounds.

Meet new friends and connections, hang out with them and learn new sentences, slangs and how to do things there.  Go regularly to the international office.

 Immerse yourself in your new environment and make the best use of an International Education!


Remember, you can also talk to your advisors every time. We are always happy to help.


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