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Studying Computer Science in Canada: Your Master’s Degree Options

If you are thinking of studying a Masters degree in computer science abroad, you might have considered studying in Canada. With an established IT sector, high-ranking universities, scholarships for international students and plenty of degree options, Canadian universities are worthwhile option to pursue your Master’s degree at.  


Why Study Computer Science in Canada? 

Canada has a growing IT industry where computer science graduates are in demand, and there are plenty of graduate roles in computer science as many big tech companies have offices in major canadian cities. A degree in computer science can apply to many roles across a variety of industries; studying abroad in Canada can provide you with a high-quality education as well as opportunities to start your career, as computer science graduates continue to be in high demand.  


Likewise, completing a masters degree in Canada can mean you might be eligible for a postgraduate work permit, if you would like to gain experience after graduation. Tech companies are likely to advertise their postgraduate jobs or internships to Canadian university students, meaning that you can easily access industry experience. As the technology sector is thriving, especially in large Canadian cities, networking and job hunting will be easier as well. 


The post-graduation working permit is a part of the appeal for studying a Master’s degree at a Canadian university, as graduates are welcome to stay to work in Canada after graduation. Canada is a diverse country where international graduates feel welcomed to start their career, and as computer science graduates are in demand, it’s a worthwhile option to consider utilising your computer science education in Canada as well. To know more about your working options in Canada after graduation, you can read more here


Where to Study Computer Science in Canada 

All computer science degrees will cover the fundamentals which are needed to pursue specialised study later in the program. When deciding where to study computer science in Canada, consider the specialties that each university offers consider, and reflect on your goals. Decide what industry or niche you would like to research or work in, as well as the opportunities to gain experience throughout the degree to help you make your decision.  


As it is a popular Masters’ degree option, there are a myriad of options to study computer science in Canada. Whether you want hands-on experience, an interdisciplinary education, or the opportunity to work or intern at the same time, we’ve compiled a range of options to help you compare:  


Thompson Rivers University, BC – MSc in Data Science  

Thompson Rivers University provides an interdisciplinary program which builds skills in data science techniques either in research or in industry. This program also offers courses in data science for life sciences and economics, which are unique to Thompson Rivers University. You can also choose between a graduate project or graduate thesis, where you can focus on your computer science interest or specialty.  

Courses available: Data science, machine learning, computational statistics, bioinformatics 


Northeastern University, Vancouver – MS in Computer Science 

This program covers a range of careers and industries in computer science, equipping you with the fundamentals and giving you the option to specialise in niche areas of computer science. There is an additional focus on building soft skills which are valued in the technology industry.  

Courses available: Machine learning, mixed reality, data mining, computer vision 


Lakehead University, ON – MS in Computer Science 

Lakehead University provides a one-year or two-year computer science degree program, where you can either study coursework only, or complete a thesis or project as well. The MS Computer Science program also has the option to specialise in artificial intelligence, and has co-op industry working options as well.  

Courses Available: Gaming programming, health informatics, bioinformatics, virtual reality  


University of Regina, SK – MSc in Computer Science  

This MSc program also has coursework, project or thesis-based study tracks, with a variety of specialties from artificial intelligence to cyber security. Taught by an interdisciplinary team of academics, the University of Regina’s MSc programme also has internship and co-op options as well.  

Courses Available: Human-centred computing, software engineering, theoretical computer science 


Get Advice on Studying Computer Science in Canada with Intake 

If you want to discuss studying computer science in Canada, book an appointment with an Intake Advisor today. Our Advisors can provide personalised advice to help you reach your study abroad goals.


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