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Why study in USA

You’ve decided to pursue a degree in the USA as the opportunities and variety of programs are abundant. Aside from being an opportunity to experience a high-quality education in a new environment, there are many extra benefits to studying abroad in the USA that might not immediately come to mind. Whether you are set on studying in the USA or weighing up your options, this article will spark excitement towards your study abroad journey! 


The Benefits of Studying in the USA 

Although you might have your own unique reasons for wanting to study in the USA, there are plenty of other benefits that you might not have considered. Here, we’ll go through the ways studying abroad in the USA can benefit you both personally and professionally. 


High-ranking Universities  

The US is home to many of the world's top universities, making it an attractive option to study abroad. Along with the world-renowned Ivy League schools, many of America’s universities rank highly on global lists, meaning that you are likely to receive a high quality education wherever you study.  


Cultural Diversity  

America is a cultural melting pot, and much of the diversity permeates through cities through architecture, food, and language. Many major cities and college towns will have distinct cultural hotspots where you can learn about and appreciate many unique cultures. Likewise, many international students come to the US to study; so you are likely to meet a variety of people both from the US and abroad! 


Boost Your Resume 

Studying abroad is looked upon favourably by many recruiters; and studying in the US might give you an extra edge. Having an education in business in engineering from a US university, for example, is highly sought after both in North America and abroad. By studying in a US university, you gain a unique perspective on US industry and business, which can be utilised by companies globally. If progressing in your career is a reason to study a graduate degree overseas, think about how a US-based education can benefit you.  


International Students Feel Welcomed  

As mentioned before, many international students come to the US to study, and for a good reason – US universities anticipate and welcome international students to their campuses. University students in America place a big emphasis on clubs and societies, for everything from sports to nationality-based student associations; so you will easily find a group of like-minded people you can socialise with. Even though it's not a tangible aspect of US university culture, feeling welcomed will make a big difference.  


Easily Prove Your English Ability 

Similar to the above point, a benefit to studying abroad in America is being able to prove your language ability. By completing a degree in the US, you can show that your reading, writing, and speaking skills are highly proficient. Aside from improving your English on an academic level, being surrounded by native English speakers while living in the US will help you quickly enhance your English ability. Having confidence and fluency in speaking is also looked upon favourably by companies, both within America and worldwide.  


Foundation Programs  

There are many benefits to studying in the US, however the education system is unique, and might be different to your home country. As the US has many prestigious and high-quality universities, it can mean that the expectations for background or prerequiste knowledge might be different. However, to accommodate for differences in education worldwide, many US universities offer foundation programs, where you can be admitted to the university after completing foundation courses.  


In foundation programs, you can study what is needed for your chosen degree, such as freshman-level courses in science, mathematics, business and engineering, or to improve your English level so you are university-ready. Foundation program courses can contribute as freshman credits on your transcript, with some universities allowing you to transfer into the second year of study upon successful completion. Therefore, foundation study is a reasonable option which is not likely to extend your degree much further.  


Discuss Your Options for Studying in the USA With Intake 

If studying in the USA appeals to you, reach out to an Intake Advisor today. Our Advisors can help you plan your application process for your study abroad and provide personalised advice relating to your goals.  


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