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When pursuing your degree abroad, it is important to choose an institution that can best represent your interest and enhance your skills, necessary for the future career you want to build.


If studying business in Canada, either a BBA or an MBA, can help you reach your goals and fulfill your aspirations, we are more than happy to be the bridge between you and the best business programs and colleges in Canada.


Apart from its well-recognized business colleges, Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world, and it is regarded as one of the best in terms of quality of life.


Canada is indeed one of the best places to study business. In this blog post, we will walk you through how to choose the best program for you.


Browse A Quick Guide On How To Study Abroad In Canada for how to work and study in Canada.


Weigh Your Options When Considering Studying Business in Canada


If you are considering studying business as an undergraduate or continuing your education as a postgraduate student, Canada is an excellent choice for international students. Whether you are interested in management, business analytics, BBA or MBA, business schools in Canada can help you realize your potential.


Canadian business programs offer a diverse curriculum, competitive advantages, international exchange programs and alumni networks that provide you with access to the business world after you study BBA or MBA in Canada.


Before you take the first step to studying business in Canada, carefully consider all your options. At Intake, we help you to find the business school in Canada that best suits your future career and thrive in the business world.


Best Business Schools in Canada


When you are choosing from various business programs in Canada, it is important to take into account the specialization that you would like to focus on.


For example, located in British Columbia, Canada, Thompson Rivers University’s School of Business and Economics offers foundation certification, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for business and economics such as the Accounting Technician Diploma and the Associate of Commerce and Business Administration Diploma.


They also offer a wide array of certification programs to suit your unique needs.


Another school you can look into is the University of Canada West, which specializes in business studies and offers undergraduate and post graduate courses specific to business such as Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Intake, we offer one-on-one sessions and valuable advice on how you can unleash your potential.


Scholarship and Career Opportunities in Business in Canada

Universities and colleges in Canada are creating a welcoming environment for international students. On top of that, they are always open to giving extensive opportunities to international students through scholarships.


In addition, schools like the University of Canada West offer scholarships for international students upon offer to encourage a more diverse community on campus. If you choose to pursue a business degree, either BBA or MBA, in Canada, you will be given adequate resources to succeed academically and professionally.


The Royal Roads University, also in British Columbia, Canada, even offers scholarships for women in finance called the Association of Women in Finance Scholarship to encourage more women to take leadership roles in the finance industry.


Create your study abroad plan with Intake

Although this guide provides important details to kickstart your journey of studying business in Canada, it is always best to reach out to someone for further guidance and create a personalized plan for studying overseas.


Our Intake advisors empower students through matching their needs to the right universities for their academic journeys and help students find their direction best suited for their study abroad experience free of charge.


Make an appointment with our study abroad advisor today and learn more about how you can start your study abroad journey here. 


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