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It gets pretty overwhelming right from the moment you make up your mind to go study abroad in the United Kingdom.  Two things; the emotions you will mostly feel throughout the entire process are best described as excitement or nervousness.


Excitement or Nervousness


They actually mean the same thing. The difference is the time of feeling and the person feeling it.

You will be very happy to know that scaling every step in your pursuit of studying abroad depends entirely on you.

While you are obsessed with the idea of going to school and once you finally get to school, you must be able to look back and say that you had a not-so-bad journey/ process.


Finding your best and suitable Course


There is so much fulfillment in getting the perfect course that aligns with your educational background and future goals. This is everything. It makes you more confident. It makes you more relatable and helps sight a better direction for the future. We here at Intake Education make the time to know your educational history, passion, and qualifications attaching experience and excellence to help you find the right course.


Picking out the school of your choice


You would rather be with the best or nothing. The United Kingdom has proven and delivered beyond standards in the world of education.  You are more likely to settle in deep with not only the university of your dreams and choice but with a university that offers the right and relevant course for you; one that is capable of affecting all aspects of your life positively. Intake Education works with major partner universities uplifting higher and quality academic standards and we guide you to pick the school of your choice. Once you achieve this with Intake, you may have scaled and entered into your not-so-bad journey.


Gaining admission


After applying to your preferred school, you will receive admissions stating your place for either a conditional or an unconditional offer.  The details, of course, cost, duration et al would be provided by the school making your next line of action clearer. Provide us with your admission details and we will walk you through the finishing processes making life simpler for you.




Have you received a government sponsorship or any type of sponsorship? Are you self-funding? Having a yes answer for this question would actually validate your not-so-bad moment; you are almost through to going to school.


VISA Process


You will need to know and meet all the VISA requirements for studies in the UK. This is where our Intake Education advisors take their time and offer you the free and best advice for the interview to avoid unnecessary study visa denials.


Departure and arrival in the UK


Knowing the things to do and items to take along to school creates an ever-present feeling of confidence which is necessary for survival in place outside the home.

INTAKE Education serves you the right to-do list making life better.

For us at INTAKE Education Ghana, we are happy to make your not-so-bad moment a reality. Contact us today to assist you with your processing for free.


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