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UKEAS Ghana study fairs

Annually, Intake Education in Ghana hosts invaluable study opportunity's for all preparing for international education in its flagship STUDY WORLD events.

Through the Study World events, hundreds of students have successfully fulfilled their international education ambitions and have subsequently been tagged the biggest international education fair in Africa. 

These are the important things you must understand before, during, and after any Study World event.



Understand that over 40 top universities from the UK, IRELAND, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, etc would be happy to engage and interact with you on courses, university, and career options.


For every international education journey, it is important to understand the study country’s educational policies. You stand a chance in getting all the facts and credible information directly from university representatives.


Take advantage of the 2 years Post- Study Work Rights for international students as the UK Government has decided to reinstate the rights with academic year graduates of 2020, you must understand that the Study World Exhibition is very timely for your educational success.

Understand that Intake Education will offer free application and visa advisory services to anyone who is ready to study abroad. Be the next to benefit from our highly- positive success rate. 


Also, understand that this is not a scholarship hub or market. Intake Education works with partner universities that would often offer scholarship opportunities.  



A good investment in your education saves generations. Why don't you commit to your study abroad dreams by arranging your tuition funding? If it is a scholarship or sponsorship, prepare for it. Arrange that now if you haven't started.



Pursue your dreams of studying abroad. Don’t postpone and fulfill your promise of going abroad. Last year you promised you were going to do it this year. A wild chase and a hot pursuit for quality education in the UK, IRELAND, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA is never a wasted opportunity.


It is NOW or NEVER!

Explore more possibilities, Discover your future with Intake Education.



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