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Afiah Sikka Quaye

study abroad advisor: Afiah Sikka Quaye
Afiah Sikka Quaye
UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia

Hi! My name is Afiah Sikka, I have a background in media practice and a first degree in Public Relations.

I love to write, and a communication enthusiast. My ardent zeal for corporate communication and the discipline of continuous learning has also carved a niche for me in counselling.

I am a study and career advisor at Intake Education, and to say that I love my job is an understatement. It is absolutely a great pleasure having to meet the needs of students looking to pursue international study, by offering them professional advice (free of cost) and guiding them all through the process to achieve their goals.

Get connected with me at Intake Education - Ghana on your study abroad aspirations and let’s create a world of great accomplishments. Remember that where there is a will, there sure is a way.

See ya!

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