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Bashiratu Abdul Fatai

study abroad advisor: Bashiratu Abdul Fatai
Bashiratu Abdul Fatai
UK, Canada

Hello! I am Bashiratu Abdul Fatai, I am an Educationist and had my first degree in Education.


With the zeal and enthusiasm I have for education and carrying out tasks, I have an unquantified interest in self- improvement, being determined and striving to be the best at what I do.


Being a study and career advisor at Intake Education, I have an extreme joy and satisfaction in what I do.

It is an overwhelming feeling to meet students who are yearning for international education and been able to provide them with best professional advices and solutions for them to study abroad at an absolutely “free cost”.


Feel free to get in touch with me at Intake Education – Ghana with your dreams and aspirations to study abroad and make the sky colourful with your great achievement. Keep in mind that the sky is just the beginning of your limit.


Hey! Let go get the Education and make the future bright.

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