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How much should you budget for your overseas education? With our decades of study abroad advisory experience, we can provide you with a reference of standard tuition fees and living costs for the UK, US, Australia, Ireland or Canada.

Ireland Tuition Fees

Ireland Tuition fees

Ireland has several world-renowned universities, attracting many international students to study in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. Although Ireland is a small island, the Irish government provides 870 million euros for higher education research every year. In order to encourage international students, the Irish government also provides scholarships. Additionally, Ireland grants PSW work visas for international students for two years after graduation. Ireland’s local start-up industries are booming and there are plenty of job opportunities, which are suitable for exploring overseas career development. 


Below is more detailed information on tuition fees to help students and parents understand the costs of studying in Ireland. 

Undergraduate degree tuition fees

€ 8,000-26,000 per year

Postgraduate degree tuition fees

€ 19,000-35,000 per year

Minimum wage for international students

€ 10.2 per hour

Living expenses (Dublin)

€ 1,100-1,800 per month

Living expenses (outside of Dublin)

€ 800-1,100 per month

The cost of studying in Ireland depends on the program and location you choose. Make a free appointment with our expert advisor. Let us help you plan your study abroad by considering your background and needs.