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英國留學推薦Student Visa

To study and live alone overseas for the first time can be a daunting experience. That is why Intake India's Advisor’s Team has put together a list of 7 useful mobile apps you can download for free to help your student life in the UK to be easier, cheaper, and more fun.




1. Your Covid-19 safety app – NHS Covid-19 (National Health Service)

Our first pick is the NHS Covid-19 app. This app is the fastest way to see if you are at risk of coronavirus. Apart from letting you know if you have been near another app user who has tested positive for coronavirus, the app also gives you information on local area restrictions, symptom recorder, testing services, and location check-ins. Make sure you download this app to protect yourself and help to stop the spread of coronavirus.


2. Your university app

Most UK universities have their own apps which give easy mobile access to your emails, coursework, and exams. You can also use it to book group study spaces in the library and search for books you need. Some apps even provide interactive campus maps and the latest student union events which are particularly useful during your first few days in the UK. It is also worth checking with your UK bank when you open a bank account if there is a mobile bank app you can download to pay for things by QR code as many people now do in Ghana.


3. Traveling around in the UK – National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is another app that is frequently used by our Intake students in the UK. You can use it to plan your journey, buy your train tickets, get live updates, receive free delay and cancellations alerts, and find cheap fares and special offers. One of the cool functions is the “Wake me up” alarm so you do not miss your station!


4. Fun things to do - Eventbrite

Studying in the UK is much more than just your academic education! You will want to experience the culture, go to a concert, or visit a local art exhibition. Our best pick to find unique local UK experience and popular events is Eventbrite. Not only can you use this app to search for fun activities happening in the city you study in and elsewhere, but also see where your friends are going so you never miss out on the fun.


5. Get your part-time student jobs - Stint

Want to earn some pocket money or valuable work experience that fits into your university schedule? Try Stint, the mobile app that is designed for students in the UK to find shifts, or stints, of 2-3 hours in a local business. You only need to log onto the app and post your availability, there is no commitment, and no CV or job interview is needed. There are many part-time job apps, but Stint is one of the most popular for you if you want to work flexibly without compromising on your university experience.


6. Get a cab home – Uber

Taking a taxi in the UK is pricier than using public transport such as a bus or underground train. However, if you are on a night out with your classmates or visit a new city and find yourself in an unfamiliar place, it is always easier and safer to get a cab. In Ghana, most people use Taxis and Uber. Not only will you get live maps of Uber drivers in your area but also discounted offers on your rides and foods (Uber Eats).


7. Order an affordable meal – Just Eat

Last but not least, a useful mobile app to order your food. As a student, you will probably cook your own meals most of the time but there may be days when you are too busy with schoolwork or simply too lazy to cook, then ordering a nice meal to give yourself a treat is a good way to go. There are many food delivery apps in the UK but one of the most popular among students is Just Eat. There is a wide range of options and different cuisines to choose from. Order yourself a nice deal when you are feeling a bit homesick from the various African restuarants!


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