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Studying abroad will provide you with a unique environment to learn, work and socialise, where you can develop your language skills and be educated in a world class institute. At the same time, studying abroad will also develop your soft skills and foster personal growth; which might not become immediately apparent. Here, we will go through some soft skills which you will be building constantly when studying abroad, and the ways they will positively impact your life. 


Soft Skills You Develop When Studying Abroad 

Although it might seem you will learn most of your lessons in the classroom, you will also learn invaluable soft skills constantly when studying abroad. Whilst you are absorbing a new environment, making new friends and socialising, you are actually building skills in:  




You will constantly be meeting and interacting with new people when studying abroad; either other students, teachers or the general public. Learning how to express yourself clearly and confidently depending on the context is a valuable skill which can be utilised in education, jobs or in your personal life. Likewise, if you are naturally shy, or want to practise a foreign language, being immersed into a new environment when studying abroad will give you the push you need. Along with general communication skills, studying abroad can help you build cross-cultural communication skills as well, as you interact with many cultures and other international students constantly.  



Living in a new environment means gaining independence and adaptability, as you organise plans, classes, work, travel and socialising based on different personal schedules. Additionally, you will understand the new status quo of the nation you study abroad in, which includes unchangeable aspects of the lifestyle, attitudes and beaurocracy that you will need to adapt to. At first, you might experience culture shock; however, with time, you will easily acclimatise to your new environment. The ability to be adaptable is valuable as it will allow you to become resilient, making you more tolerant to stress.  


Decision Making 

Studying abroad involves making lots of decisions for yourself, as you are in a unique situation where only you can decide what's best for you. Doing this for the first time can be difficult, however over time, decision making becomes easier as you understand yourself more. Every day decisions become automatic, and you will develop ways to make important decisions with confidence. Additionally, the friends you make when studying abroad will provide you with unique perspectives which can help you weigh up your decisions from a different mindset.  


Time Management  

As you have freedom and control over your schedule when you study abroad, time management is a skill which you will quickly develop. Having responsibility over your classes, extra curricular activities, work and free time means you will learn how to prioritise and allocate your time for maximum efficiency. Time management is a skill that can carry over into other areas and is highly sought after in many careers. 


Problem Solving  

As you build skills in adaptability, decision making and time management, your problem solving skills will naturally improve as well. Studying abroad will present you with challenges that might be unique to you; the ability to calmly solve problems and resolve conflicts by yourself will improve your self-confidence and help you work better under pressure. Studying abroad also means you need to handle everything independently, even during stressful, difficult or urgent situations. Handling difficult moments without the safety net of family and friends can be stressful, but ultimately strengthens your problem solving skills. Problem solving also utilises your communication skills, where you will learn how to say things diplomatically and with tact. 



Making new friends from around the world, and being immersed into a new culture is integral to the study abroad experience. However, this constant exchange of culture and unique perspectives will develop your creativity as well. Creativity does not necessarily have to be utilised artistically; you might become more creative in problem solving, communicating and in thinking as well.  



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