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Overseas study at a UK boarding school

For many parents, considering the best education for their children is a difficult and often stressful process. Post-COVID, families now have additional questions to add to their checklist when deciding whether to pursue overseas education, to ensure continuity of schooling and know that their children will be well cared for. The long-term effects of lockdowns and homeschooling may not yet be known fully, however, mental health and wellbeing have now risen to become a high priority in schools across the globe and this positive shift is here to stay. 


Parents are even more aware that, whilst the key is for children to gain quality academic coaching, the end goal is much more than simply grades. Independence, leadership, care, kindness, being involved in a community where you can both give and take, cannot be measured on paper. Taking time to reflect on achievements and understand the gains that have been many in any area are important. 


The United Kingdom has always had a focus on the whole child. Half is academic, and the other half is made up of the numerous activities on offer, but also the softer skills to encourage children that anything is achievable and that your time outside the classroom is equally as important as your time in it. Some children enjoy and thrive playing sports, for others, creativity, is what makes them happy, be it dance, drawing, cooking or drama. Those that are happy in non-academic ways have been shown to achieve better in the classroom. 


The decision to send your child to a boarding school overseas will always be difficult, personal and different for each individual, but knowing that time is prioritised for mental health and wellbeing is an added comfort to many. 


Su Hayter 

UK Country Manager & Global Development Manager (Boarding Schools) 

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