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Spring Intake Options


While most students enrol and start their courses in September, there are also various options for you if you’re interested in starting school in January, as a new year begins. In fact, many universities in the UK offer January intake options. 


To help you learn more about them and explore different possibilities, we’ve listed here some of the best schools in the UK with the Spring intake pathways and will introduce them one by one. 


Those schools are: Coventry University, University of South Wales, Birmingham City University, Oxford Brookes University, Queen Mary University London, Brunel University, Nottingham Trent University and Sheffield Hallam University.  


Popular universities that offer January Intake  


You might be surprised to find out that many top universities in the UK accept Spring intakes in January, creating an alternative for people who wish to begin in a different term. 



Coventry University  

Formerly known as Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry University is a research university located in the West Midlands of England. It has research centres that focuse on a wide variety of areas, including agroecology and peace studies and the future of transportation. Coventry University also offers approximately 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  



University of South Wales 

With campuses in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypridd, University of South Wales has the second largest number of students in Wales and offers approximately 200 courses for its undergraduate and postgraduate students.  


University of South Wales has January intake options. However, not every programme accepts Spring intakes. So before you decide to apply to University of South Wales, go on its website and check if the programme you’re interested in accepts students in January. 



Birmingham City University  

Originally known as Birmingham College of Art, Birmingham City University offers courses in a wide variety of fields, including art and design, business, engineering, computing, law, English, healthcare, etc. Birmingham City University is the second largest university in Birmingham and has the highest intake of international students in the city. 


You can find courses and programmes with a January start date using the course finder feature on their website



Oxford Brookes University 

Oxford Brookes University gained its university status in 1992. Before that, it was known as Oxford Polytech. Three of Oxford Brookes University’s campuses are located in Oxford, and the remaining one lies in Swindon, South West England. 


There are four faculties at Oxford Brookes University: Business School, Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Technology, Design and Environment. On top of that, Oxford Brookes University has schools of law and architecture.  


If you’re interested in the January entry of Oxford Brookes University, check out its website to learn what courses and/or programmes you can apply for.  


Note that Oxford Brookes University has deadlines for applications for January intakes, the information about which can also be found on the Oxford Brookes University website.  



Queen Mary University of London 

Queen Mary University of London, a member of University of London, was formerly known as London Hospital Medical College, which was first established in 1785. Queen Mary University of London belongs to the Russell Group of British University and is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. 


6 of the schools at Queen Mary University of London accept January intakes: School of Business & Management, School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science, School of Economics & Finance, School of Law - Centre for Commercial Law Studies, William Harvey Research Institute and Institute of Health Sciences Education.  


You can take a look at Queen Mary University of London’s website to know the specific programmes that offer Spring intakes. 



Brunel University  

Brunel University is located on the outskirts of London. It was originally founded as Brunel College of Advanced Technology and became Brunel University in 1966. Brunel University consists of 3 colleges: the College of Business, Arts and Social Science; the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences; and the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. 


Before you apply for courses that begin in January at Brunel University, make sure you check out the deadline posted on their website.  



Nottingham Trent University  

Located in East Midlands of England, Nottingham Trent University was founded in 1992, a relatively new university in the UK. However, it has around 36,000 students, which makes it the 6th largest British university. 


Nottingham Trent University has 5 campuses: City campus, Clifton campus, Brackenhurst campus, Confetti Campus and NTU in Mansfield. 


To learn more about the courses and programmes that start in January, check out Nottingham Trent University’s website.  



Sheffield Hallam University  

Founded in 1843 and granted the university status in 1992, Sheffield Hallam University has 2 sites: the City Campus and the Collegiate Crescent Campus. 


As a public research university, Sheffield Hallam University offers around 500 courses for its undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is also known for being one of the most international student-friendly universities in the UK. 


Sheffield Hallam University has strict deadlines for applications for January intakes. Learn more about it on its website



Popular courses for Indian students  


Some of the courses that accept January intakes are particularly popular for Indian students. They are: 

  • Business Courses 
  • Marketing  
  • Data Science & Cyber Security  
  • Project Management & Construction Project Management  


You can also find those courses at the universities mentioned above. Below are some example January intake options you have for those courses. 



Business Courses 

At the University of South Wales, you can find a wide range of business courses that start in January, including: BA Business and Management, BSc International Business and Management, MBA, MSc Management, Msc Strategic Procurement Management to just name a few. 


Birmingham City University offers January intake options for MSc Management and International Business, Business Research Degrees, International MBA, etc. 


Oxford Brookes University, on the other hand, has MSc International Business Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, MSc International Business Management and Entrepreneurship and MSc International Business and Marketing Management for you to choose from if you want to enrol in January. 




University of South Wales offers BSc Marketing Management Spring intake option, while Oxford Brookes University has MSc Marketing and MSc Marketing and Brand Management.  


Queen Mary University also accepts MSc Marketing students for the January intake. Nottingham Trent University offers MSc Marketing and Brand Management and MSc Marketing for those who want to enrol in January. 



Data Science & Cyber Security 

As for one of the most popular courses, Data Science, Queen Mary University of London offers MSc Big Data Science with Machine Learning Systems, whereas Nottingham Trent University accepts Spring intakes for MSc Transport Systems, MSc Sustainable Engineering: Energy and MSc Medical Engineering.  



Project Management & Construction Project Management  

Birmingham City University offers MSc Project Management as well as MSc Construction Project Management that begins in January. Oxford Brookes University, too, has MSC Construction Project Management and MSc Project Management in the Built Environment. 



Let Intake Help You with Your January Intake 


If you want to learn more about these universities and their January intake policies or if you didn’t see any of the courses or schools that you’re interested listed here, don’t hesitate to reach out to our advisors and learn more about Spring intake in the UK. 


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