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The Australian government recently announced that it will purchase 20 million additional doses of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, so a total of 53 million doses will be available by 2021. 


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he would open Australia’s borders to some Asian countries in the future, so look forward to them opening up to India next! Come and see which study abroad opportunities are available or book a consultation with a professional Australian advisor. Apply early and be ready to fly as soon as restrictions are lifted! 


If you want to study in Australia this year: apply early and start online courses without having to stay up late 

The Australian government has not yet announced clear plans for reopening the lockdown in Australia, we suggest that students prepare their applications to study in Australia early. It would be wise to speculate that there may be a surge of applications for colleges in Australia from international students as soon as the borders reopen. It is also expected that competition for places in both undergraduate and graduate courses will become fierce. 

The advantage of applying early is that you can start online learning for Australia in India after you have been accepted. The time difference between Australia and India is only 3 hours (approx.), so you won't need to stay up late for online classes. 


Spaces are limited at popular universities, so we recommend that you apply as early as possible and that you start applying today for the spring master's programs. It's not too late to apply for spring semester master's programs!


Make an appointment with an Australian academic advisor to get first-hand information on the Australian government’s latest epidemic prevention policies and plan your timeline in advance for your studies in Australia! Click here to connect with us.  







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