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The UK government has announced in its latest immigration policy that international students who complete a degree and successfully graduate in the UK in 2021 will be eligible for a Post Study Work (PSW) visa, which will give international graduates the opportunity to stay and work in the UK for a full two years. 

Post-study work visas for Indian students who began their studies in September 2020 will be able to benefit from this policy by extending their previous four-month post-graduation limit to a two-year period. This is a great advantage for Indian students who are starting their studies in the UK this year, as they will have plenty of time to settle down and find a job that suits them after graduation, taking the first step towards an international career! 

The UK’s PSW policy will certainly attract more talented international students. If you want to study in the UK but also have concerns about your career development after graduation, don't worry! The new PSW policy can be the boost that you need. In the first two years after graduation, you can start paving the way for your future career, find your place in the UK and start flourishing! 


Key Points Regarding the PSW 

1. The PSW post-study work visa is valid for two years. Successful PSW Indian visa applicants can use this time to take an internship or seek formal employment in the UK for a maximum of 2 years. 

2. The policy will officially go into effect in summer 2021. It applies to all students who meet the requirements and are graduating in 2021 from UK undergraduate, master and doctoral programmes. Students currently enrolled in UK higher education institutions who graduate after 2021 are also eligible. 

3. Please note, the PSW policy does not apply to students who have already graduated and whose Tier 4 student visas have expired. 

4. If you want to find out more details about the PSW post-graduate work visa, book an online consultation with Intake and we will have a professional advisor answer all your questions about preparing to study abroad and visa applications. 

Three easy steps to start your own study abroad consultation time with your Intake advisor. 

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