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After almost 2 years, Covid-19 restrictions introduced in England are ending. It is a sigh of relief for all international students who aspire to study in England, as Boris Johnson (PM of England) has announced that they are ending all Covid-19 restrictions!

While addressing the MPs at Downing Street, the PM declared that the people will have to learn to live with Covid-19 as it is not going away. Since the immune system appears to be adapting to Covid-19 and becoming stronger, the mortality rate has now decreased significantly, compared to the initial 12 months of the outbreak. A major percentage of the population has now anti-bodies, which gives them a better chance at fighting against the virus. Henceforward, the country is preparing to slowly transit towards normality while retaining the possibilities to respond if there is a new variant of Covid-19 or if the mortality rate increases.


We are sure, as an international student, you must be sceptical about England's decision to end the restrictions, just as are many people in the UK! Many have commented England is taking a speedy decision on ending the restrictions as Covid-19 is still infecting a large number of people in England. However, the chief health medical officer Prof Sir Chris Whitty claims that the decision was made after careful consideration of the situation in England. There is a better range of measures available to treat the patients such as the several vaccines available as well as ‘Paxlovid’ an antiviral medicine used for the speedy recovery of high-risk Covid-19 patients. The government is still providing Covid-19 tests, extra Covid 19 jabs and other provisions to people who are ‘extremely vulnerable, such as those aged 75 and above, people with weak immune systems and others.


Since covid variations keep on growing, England will be ready to ramp up its surveillance measure if the need arises. The government is encouraging people to remain vigilant; they are also advising them to take the necessary steps if they feel infected. People who would have symptoms are advised to quarantine themselves for at least 5 days but they will no longer have to isolate themselves on a mandatory basis but rather by choice. 


Some of the restrictions which are being uplifted are:

  • Covid-19 patients would not be “legally required” to self-quarantine.
  • People would not need to get routine Covid-19 tests done.
  • People would no longer need to carry Covid-19 passports or the NHS Covid-19 pass. 
  • Masks are not required at most places except for health care centres, hospitals etc.
  • The number of Covid-19 tests would be reduced.

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