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Covid has been a reality for over a year and many countries have begun fighting back strongly and efficiently. The UK has set a precedent and become a nation to administer the highest number of vaccinations globally. According to Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, vaccination is the key to breaking the unfortunate cycle of infection, hospitalization, and death.


How many people have received vaccination in the UK?


The UK has already provided the first jab to almost three-quarters of UK adults and has plans to provide both jabs by 21 June. A total of 40,460,576 doses have been given within 6 months. Over 40 million people have had their first dose and 28 million have had both doses of vaccination.


Faith in Covid Vaccines


Faith in different vaccines differs amongst the people. Melanie Leis from Imperial College of London said, “From our data, we can see that people trust different Covid-19 vaccines to different extents.” However, a survey has shown that 87% of respondents had faith in the jab and 70% of people have faith that their Health Authorities will provide them with the right vaccination.


Which vaccination doses are available in the UK?


The UK has four vaccines approved for use: Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Moderna, Novavax and Janssen; three of which require two doses for maximum protection. Though you cannot choose the vaccination, all adults under the age of 40 and pregnant individuals will get Pfizer or Moderns. They are being administered through local GP practices, community pharmacies, vaccination centers and hospital hubs.


Who can get the Vaccination?


People are getting vaccinated on a priority basis. Those over the age of 50, home care workers, front line workers and clinically vulnerable got vaccinated before the younger generation. However, now the first jabs are being provided to people over the age of 25 in England and Scotland, while people who are above 18 have access to vaccination in Ireland and Wales.


When can people resume their normal life?


According to the government timetable, the restrictions were supposed to be uplifted by 21 June. But Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that "It is too early to make decisions on step four, the road map has always been guided by the data…so we'll assess the data and announce the outcome a week today on 14 June."


If you require any further information regarding the vaccination process, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us, and our expert advisors will be able to advise and support you through all your doubts.

The source of this article was BBC news.




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