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Intake joins IDP

Have you heard the great news? Intake has signed an agreement to become part of IDP Education.   

This means that next year, two of the most respected international education specialists will come together to help even more students achieve their global goals.  


If you’re wondering if this has an impact on your plans, that’s an easy one. There will be no change to your plans, your applications, or your timeline. If you are speaking with your Intake advisor, they will continue to be your support.  


If you have any questions on this or anything to do with overseas education, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team


Frequently asked questions 


What does this mean for me? 

If you are considering studying abroad, today’s announcement will not have any impact on any student applications or interactions with Intake or IDP.  

The two organizations will not formally join forces for several months. Your Intake advisors will continue to deliver insightful and inspirational advice and support to you, our students. 


I am mid-way through an application with Intake. Will this change my plans? 

No, you will continue to be supported by your advisor. IDP and Intake teams will not be coming together until midway through 2023 at the earliest.  


If I have started my application to study abroad with Intake, will I go through IDP or Intake now?  

You will remain with Intake. IDP and Intake will continue to operate as separate businesses until at least next year. 


What if I have submitted applications with both Intake and IDP? 

Please continue to pursue separate applications. You should continue to explore all your options to make sure you choose the course, destination and advisor that suits you and decide which direction is the best way forward for your future. 


Will Intake stop working on my application? 

No way! There will be no impact to your application, and Intake will continue to support all current and new students. 


What happens to my advisor?  

Your application will be continued with your advisor. There will be no change. 


Will I lose my deposit with the University? 

No. Intake will continue working on your application. Please get in touch with your advisor if you have any questions.  


Will Intake still be running their events? 

Yes, and we hope to see you there! 


Why is Intake joining IDP’s team? 

We at IDP and Intake share similar values and believe that students come first. Both are highly respected organisations with teams who care deeply about making sure you get the best possible outcome.  

Also, you may have noticed other international education companies hand students off to other companies for support after submitting an application? We don’t. Both IDP and Intake stay by our students’ sides from the first enquiry through to starting in the classroom.  

We love getting to know you and seeing you reach your full potential. We truly believe a united Intake and IDP will help more students achieve their future study abroad goals. 


What will happen with the Intake scholarships? 

The Intake Impact scholarships will continue. 


What if I have more questions? 

Our team is always here for your questions, please visit our website to get advice!  

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