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Great news for all Indian students wishing to study in the UK! Both countries have agreed to acknowledge each country’s higher education in the MoU (memorandum of understanding) signed between Boris Jonson and N. Modi under the Enhanced Trade Partnership. Consequently, students in both countries would not need to repeat any of their degrees. It is now possible for Indian postgraduates to study further in the UK without having to repeat their post-graduation in the UK and vice versa! 

UK’s International Trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan has said that this step, which is considered a “landmark, historic agreement”, has been taken to make higher education in the UK easily accessible to Indian students. The UK has been continuously making encouraging policies for attracting international students. Recently, in the summer of 2021, the UK introduced the Graduate Route/ Post Study Work visa, through which students can stay, work, or find a career in the UK after finishing their course without having to find a sponsor! These policies have resulted in a significant increase in Indian students studying in the UK, as reported by HESA in the last five years. In 2020/21, the UK welcomed 84,555 Indian students. The UK economy directly benefits from each international student (worth £109,000), and the universities welcome the diverse culture and perspective that international students bring to their campuses.

There has been a 20% rise in UCAS applications from India and the UK is hoping that the step to recognise the higher education of India would boost the Indian applications to UK universities further. The UK is taking these steps to attract the best and brightest students from India to study in the UK and enrich their campuses and communities. UK universities are the envy of the world and that is because of the presence of international students.

One of the essential benefits that this policy brings is that Indian students who complete their post-graduation from UK universities would be eligible for public jobs in India. Earlier, students who completed their education at international universities could not apply for public employment or sit for competitive tests required for public offices. As government jobs are much sought after in India, this was a major hindrance for students wanting to study in the UK. However, now due to the mutual recognition of credits and qualifications, the movement between institutions in the UK and India will become simplified and Indian students who have studied in the UK would be able to pursue their careers in the public sector.

The UK universities have never been more accessible to our Indian students. You can study further in the UK at a popular and world-renowned UK university after completing your higher education in India and still come back to further pursue your professional career in the private or public sector! Reach out to Intake Education today to ensure that you get the best-unbiased advice for your study abroad journey and get a transparent analysis of your profile, securing the most suitable course and university fit for you. We are ready when you are!






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