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If you are planning to study in the UK in 2022-23, then the time to begin your university and visa application process is now! If you are wondering why there is such a need for urgency, then make sure that you continue to read below. 


The UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) centre, has announced that the UK will be prioritising visas for Ukraine, given the raging war over there. Thus, visa applications from other countries are experiencing a hold-up since March 2022, and the duration of processing time for visa applications has also grown substantially. As opposed to the previous time frame of 3 to 4 weeks for visa applications, UKVI says students might now have to wait up to 6 weeks for their visas.This period may even fluctuate further depending on the number of applications that the Visa department receives.  


Suspension of Priority and Super-Priority UK Student Visas 

Many of you must be aware of priority and super-priority visas. These were the two different types of visas that students generally applied for if they needed to expedite their visa processing time. Usually, students could receive their priority visa within 2-7 working days, while with a super-priority visa, the processing time could be further reduced to 3-5 working days. Although students have to pay extra for these visas, at least they were able to get them ready on time.  

UKVI has, however, suspended both priority and super-priority services for international students. These will only be available by medical necessity or for visitor visa applications. Because of this, you must apply for your student visa as soon as possible, since the only way to do so is through a general visa application, which may take a long time.  


Impacts of Recent UKVI Changes on Indian Students 

Due to the changes mentioned above, it will become increasingly necessary for students aspiring to study in the UK to start their application process before July. UK universities have started receiving a large number of applications on a daily basis, so they will be closing their applications soon for their popular courses. Given the huge number of applications that the universities have to deal with, they are taking time to release offer letters as well. Hence, there are additional reasons to choose your course in time so that you can submit your application and begin your visa application process. 


We know that these sudden changes might seem overwhelming! However, Intake advisors are more than capable of meeting this challenge head-on. Don't hesitate to contact Intake Education today so that the advisors can guide you and help you find the right course and university for you! In addition to helping you with your offer letter, advisors can help you with documents such as the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies), which is necessary for your Visa application process. It is an official confirmation from the university to the UK government that you have been accepted as a student and, therefore, you are eligible to apply for a student visa in the UK. Start your overseas education journey today to ensure that you face no challenges in receiving your UK student visa.  




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