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Anandita Jitt

study abroad advisor: Anandita Jitt
Anandita Jitt
Senior Advisor
UK, Australia

Hello! I’m Anandita Jitt, joined Intake Education as Senior Advisor, New Delhi. An Alumna of Lady Shri Ram College for Women with experience of over 4 years in the International Education sector. 

I have invaluable experience as an International Admissions Officer for 3 British Institutions: Coventry University, London Metropolitan University, and Sheffield Hallam University. Working directly for these institutions has given me in-depth knowledge of admissions, finances, and credibility for students from India. I am also adept with the process for Australian Universities.

With Intake Education and its motto of Student First, I look forward to helping students achieve their study ambitions by guiding them throughout their journey from admissions to enrolment.

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