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Ila Balodi

study abroad advisor: Ila Balodi
Ila Balodi
Branch Manager
UK, Australia, Canada, USA

Hey! I am Ila Balodi, the Manager for Intake Education, New Delhi office. From being an international student in the UK myself to guiding Indian students to choose the right course and the best university for them, I possess over ten years of rich experience in operations, marketing and counselling. 


Currently, I am building high-performance student recruitment teams and serving the needs of partners across the UK, North America and Australia. I am passionate about overseas education and have helped students get the appropriate guidance for their future. I believe that the necessary education is the key to professional success. 

At Intake Education, we have strong ethical practices and a student-oriented approach. On behalf of Intake Education, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all Indian students. I am super excited for giving the best support and guidance to all the students who wish to study abroad. 

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