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Benefits of Studying in Boarding Schools

Boarding schools today are not just famous for their academic success. They also provide an environment where students learn to grow in confidence, develop social skills and new talents, accept challenges and make friends for life.

Boarding Schools have been educating students from across the globe for well over a hundred years. International students are a unique feature of these schools and are much valued and welcome members of the schools' global community. The first class academic programmes and pastoral care provide opportunities to enter top universities in the UK like Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard or Princeton in the US.

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First Class Education

Academic success is a key factor in the decision making, however it is recognised that not everyone will gain a place into a top university. Students are taught to acquire skills and qualifications that suit their ability and will put them on the pathway to a successful future. Students are encouraged and motivated to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to assist them in developing and extending their abilities inside and outside the classroom. Schools recognise that every child is unique and are supportive in making them the best they can be.

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Exceptional, Care, Facilities and Opportunities

These schools have superb academic, sporting, music, art and drama facilities.  Schools  focus on developing the 'whole' person and the benefits of living in a homely, disciplined community 24/7, in beautiful and safe surroundings, are just some of the unique benefits  available in boarding schools in UK and other countries.

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Individual Support

Boarding schools focus on an all- round education with a wide ranging curriculum. Classes are small and individuals play an equal part in the class room. EAL specialists provide a high standard of English language teaching.

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International Recognition

Students who attend boarding schools will experience an international environment where they can build good social relationships and make valuable connections. Boarding schools are renowned for being the stepping stones to top universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States.