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There are many students who have successfully obtained scholarships through Intake in India, so see what scholarships are available this year!

Most university will offer some form of scholarships for International students, some are for students from all overseas country and others may be specific for Indian students. Some scholarships may be open to student applying for any subject and others may be only for certain courses. The scholarships can vary in size but will typically start from £1000 up to £10,000. Some university may provide larger scholarship or full tuition fee discount, but this is less common.

There are often two types of scholarships that university will offer. The first will be an automatic scholarship if you receive an offer for a programme or have a certain qualification/GPA and you will then receive an award which would be a tuition fee reduction. The second scholarship is where you will need to apply and compete against other students for an award, if you are successful then this will also normally be a tuition fee reduction.

Our expert counselling team can inform you about which scholarships are available and support you through the application process. Below are our top tips for improving your chances of receiving a scholarship:

  • Do your research early to see which scholarships are available at the university. Check the course details page, department website, India country page and any scholarship section of the university website.

  • Don’t just apply for one scholarship, where possible apply for multiple scholarships

  • Make each scholarship application specific for the award you are applying for, don’t copy and paste the same application for multiple scholarships

  • Often you will need to have applied to the university first before being considered for a scholarship, in some cases you may need to have received an offer so make sure you prepare sufficient time.

  • Apply early to get the best scholarship before any deadline dates.

  • Make sure you read all the scholarship guidance and requirements before you complete your application. Be clear about what the institution is looking for and then demonstrate how you are a suitable candidate.

  • Make sure you complete all the application form and provide suitable examples where applicable.

  • Make sure you check spelling and grammar, ask someone to read your application (Intake can help you)