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International students discussing in group.


Visa applications are a very important part of studying abroad, whether you are studying for a degree, doing short-term studies at a language school or going to a boarding school. You’re welcome to book an appointment with an Intake advisor so we can provide you with the latest visa information and help you complete your visa application!

Young international student looking at the flight schedule with the passport and student visa, ready for her overseas education journey.

Student Visa Advisory Service

Every country has different requirements and procedures for visa applications and the application rules may be adjusted from time to time, which can create quite a challenge for students preparing to go abroad. The validity period for visas also varies depending on the type of studies undertaken, from undergraduate and postgraduate studies at universities, to short term language courses (where needed) at language schools to boarding schools. 


Intake’s team of professional advisors keeps up to date on the latest announcements regarding international student visas in other countries. Whether you are applying to an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, a short-term language course or boarding school in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland or another country, once your place in a school or university's programme has been confirmed, an Intake advisor will assist you in preparing the relevant documents to apply for your student visa. 


Intake’s tip: Since there is no standard processing time for visa applications, we suggest you start preparing your visa application as early as possible to ensure a smooth departure!