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Falmouth University

Established 2012


Location: Falmouth

Nearest Station: Truro


  • CUG : 70

Tuition Fees

Average tuition fee: 15918

Number of Students

Bachelor’s degree students: 5500

Master’s degree students: 745

About Falmouth University

Falmouth University is the second largest specialist creative institution in the UK with 4500+ students and offers more than 60 undergraduate degrees and 20 postgraduate degrees.

Originally established as the Falmouth School of Art in 1902, Falmouth University has well over 100 years of educational heritage to draw upon and mixes an artistic history with a progressive industry focus and professional-grade facilities.

Falmouth University’s nine academic departments work together to tackle real-world briefs and challenges. Whether it is paid opportunities through Falmouth’s in-house agencies, an international placement or their programme of guest lecturers, Falmouth empowers students to carve out successful, entrepreneurial careers by giving them a head start in industry.

Complete Course List

  • Journalism
  • Entrepeneurship and management
  • Photography
  • Fashion design
  • Performance
  • Theatre studies
  • Animation
  • Art and design
  • Fine art
  • Art management
  • Literature and creative writing
  • Computer sciences and IT
  • Business and management studies
  • Computer science
  • Media studies and publishing
  • Music and composing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing and advertising studies
  • Interior design
  • Music and performing arts
  • Event management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mass communication
  • Architecture
  • Advertising
  • Film and TV studies
  • Graphic design
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Game design
  • Illustration
  • Game Art
  • Technical Theatre Arts
  • Festival Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion styling
  • Robotics
  • Immersive technology
  • Data science
  • Product design
  • Prosthetics
  • Visual Effects / VFX
  • Post-production
Falmouth University

50.1496248734, -5.071079079

Postal Address

TR11 4RH
United Kingdom

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