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Top 10 Affordable UK Universities

Studying abroad is a rather big investment considering the cost and time needed. While drawing up your budget for studying abroad, make sure you take both tuition fees and living costs into account. Actually, the living costs for international students in different cities in the UK—except London, the most expensive British city—can vary greatly. You will be surprised to find out the living expenditure in some areas is much lower than you might think. 


Let’s take a look at what are 10 most affordable universities and 10 best student cities in the UK. 


10 UK Universities Located in the Cheapest Cities 

According to Intake's years of experience in advising students studying in the UK, we have compiled a list of the 10 UK universities with the lowest cost of living. If you are interested in studying abroad and have a budget in mind, consider the following schools:


  1. University of Birmingham£567.98 per month
  2. University of Sheffield£572.64 per month
  3. Durham University£579.31 per month
  4. University of Leeds£580.25 per month
  5. University of Manchester£596 per month
  6. University of Glasgow£600.15 per month
  7. University of Nottingham£612.98 per month
  8. University of Bristol£622.76 per month
  9. University of Oxford£627 per month
  10. University of Edinburgh£627.52 per month
  11. University of St. Andrews£627.52 per month

However, do keep in mind that the living costs listed above do not include rent and expenses. You can save quite a bit if you manage to get scholarships, find cheap accommodation and cut down on shopping. 


10 Best Student Cities in the UK 

According to the 2021 Student Living Index published by NatWest, there are 10 UK cities that are the most suitable and affordable for students. If you are considering studying in the UK but don’t have much to spare, you can apply to study at UK universities in the following cities: 


  • 10th: Manchester 
  • 9th: Leicester 
  • 8th: Nottingham 
  • 7th: Durham 
  • 6th: Exeter 
  • 5th: Birmingham 
  • 4th: Oxford 
  • 3rd: Glasgow 
  • 2nd: Cambridge 
  • 1st: Sheffield 

Plan your overseas education journey with Intake 

Plan for your studies in the UK with Intake: let us create a personalised plan for you!

These lists are compiled based on different criteria. Living cost also differs from person to person. If you wish to learn more details about studying in the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact us and book a free advising session. Let our advisors help you create a personalised plan for studying abroad. 


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