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PSW Visa

Graduate route or post-study work visa was introduced in July 2021 for international students. Following Brexit, when the UK left the European Union (EU), the country felt compelled to level the playing field for international students seeking jobs in the UK! After benefiting for so many years from the influx of international students, it was inevitable that the UK would make favourable changes for international students seeking work opportunities in the UK. If you wish to learn about the impacts of PSW and how it can help Indian students studying in the UK, then please continue reading.


All you need to know about Post Study Work Visa (UK)  

Most of you must be aware that international students face obstacles when looking for a job in the UK after they graduate. Since student visas rapidly expire soon after they have completed their course, many students did not have enough time to thoroughly research and prepare for their job interviews. Moreover, companies hesitated to hire international employees because they were required to have an employment sponsorship license. Hence, the post-study work visa UK was introduced to assist international students to find career success in the UK!


Students from overseas who wish to remain in the UK after graduation can apply for a Graduate Route/graduate visa UK in order to help people establish their careers in the UK. Once your course is complete, you can apply for the post study work visa even without a sponsor! How exciting is that? If you want to hurry and know the eligibility criteria, then keep scrolling as we have got you covered!


Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility: Find out if you are eligible for a PSW 

Based on the good news you just read, we are sure that you must be excited to know if you are eligible for a Graduate Route visa UK. Well, there are a few criteria that a student must fulfil: 

  1. Have an eligible degree from the UK, a bachelor's degree or higher 

  1. Studied in the UK for 12 months or above 

  1. Lived in the UK for the entirety of the course duration if the timeline was less than 12 months 

  1. For your spouse or any other dependent to be eligible to transfer from your student visa to your post-study work visa, they must have been dependent on your student visa as well  

  1. Your sponsor, i.e., the university should have notified the UK Home Office that you have completed your degree that is mentioned in your CAS 

Students who were unable to study in the UK in the wake of the pandemic are entitled to some concessions such as if they have completed their course in their home country. Students must, however, be present in the UK while applying for their graduate visa. If you want to know more about how to secure a post-study visa or a work permit, then reach out to our expert advisors.


The best part about Post-Study Work Visa is that there is no need for proficiency tests or funds! Yes, you read that right. This is a sigh of relief for students who do not want to reappear for tests like IELTS, PTE etc. because now, they do not require applicants to take these tests.


Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility: Here’s What You Need to Start Your Graduate Journey  

Now due to the Graduate Route, you can simply apply for the visa and stay in the UK for 2 years. Whether you are in the UK to find a job get a work permit after studying in the UK or even to start your own business, there is now a way to explore various career opportunities even after you have completed your post-graduate degree. Fortunately, the UK government provides immense support to entrepreneurs who want to start their own ventures as that obviously brings a positive impact in boosting the UK economy.


One small requirement though that all students must fulfil is holding a valid student’s visa while they apply for the Graduate route. This means that if you want to stay in the UK, you must apply for the graduate route visa before your student visa expires. Therefore, we urge you to contact your Intake expert advisors before the end of your student visa, so that they can help you make the necessary steps in filing for your Graduate route visa!


What can you do after Post-Study Work Visa? 

Any student can avail of the Post-study Work Visa only once in their life. So yes, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity which is why students must prepare for their application appropriately. Best of all, you do not need to worry about the possibility of staying in the UK at the end of your 2-year study term because you can now easily change your post-study work visa UK to any other visa that you may be eligible for such as the skilled worker route visa which is also typically known as the route to settlement.  


FAQs about Post-Study Work Visa 

What is the cost for graduate visa applications? 

The cost of applying for a graduate visa is £700, which may or may not change every year. If your dependant is applying along with you, he/she will have to pay £700 separately for his/her application. Some companies may even assist their employees with the fees.  


Will I have to pay a health charge as I did for applying for the student visa? 

Yes, just as when you apply for IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) during a student visa, you will have to pay it again when you apply for PSW. 


What are the documents required for PSW? 

You will require your CAS number from your student visa, proof of identity and other documents that the government may ask for.  


In how much time will I receive my PSW?  

From the moment you upload all required documents, it will take approx. 8 weeks for you to get your result. However, the time may vary depending on how quickly you can provide your documents.  


Can I avail PSW more than once or change it to another visa at the end of 2 years? 

No, you can avail the visa only once, either after your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD. Yes, you can convert your visa to any other visa that you may be eligible for.  


Reach Out to Intake Education 

If you are excited about this opportunity and you found this article interesting, then make sure to check some of our other blogs! If you need more information regarding Graduate Route or post-study work visa, then you can also reach out to us here, and we will be thrilled to help you out! Our expert advisors provide authentic and right information, so do not hesitate to reach out today!  


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