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Tech Company Salaries

Major global tech companies have released their salary information as a part of new salary transparency laws in the US. Although it only applies to California, Washington, New York City and Colorado, transparency in salary benefits job seekers, ensuring their pay is fair for their job and between employees.  


Top tech companies released salary information

Pay ranges for top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, and Tesla are now available on, an online database for the newly released salary information. With the ability to sort by company or job title, you can compare now openly available salary and compensation with accuracy.  


Tech is already a lucrative career, with graduate salaries in software engineering, data science and backend development even known to be generous. Here is what the tech giants are paying common roles:  


  • Tesla: Senior Software Engineer – $104,000 to $348 000  
  • Meta: AI Research Scientist – $205 000 to $281 000  
  • Amazon: Software Engineer – $144 000 to $194 000  
  • Apple: DevOps Engineer – $120 000 to $248 000  


Although tech salaries are high, some of the salaries on include base pay and benefits, making the range appear much larger than the others – an example of this is Netflix, whose roles have a huge range of $94 000 to $900 000. Stock, benefits, commissions and other allowances are commonly included in compensation for tech roles, meaning the take-home cash pay can vary greatly.  


Tech salaries are an enticing part of graduating from a STEM program in the US, but there are other advantages to studying abroad in the US as well. Studying abroad in the US can help you grow academically and professionally, and gain international experience via an internship or graduate role.  


However, if you are curious about just how lucrative a role in tech can be, here are some of the highest-paying roles advertised right now:  


  • Netflix: Head of Developer Education and Experience – $180 000 to $900 000  
  • Google: VP of Engineering – $550 000  
  • Roblox: Senior Software Engineer – $315 000 to $384 000  
  • Zendesk: Global VP SMB Sales  – $344 000 to $516 000 


Salary and benefits, such as stock, aren’t broken down further than this in the job titles, so keep that in mind when comparing pay. Some people have criticised companies for including wide pay ranges across their roles, implying that it is avoiding true transparency. However, for the most part, salary ranges are reasonable across the board, and are enough to compare between roles and companies.  


Currently, compliance rates for salary transparency are approx. 40 to 60%, and as more data rolls in, companies might feel the need to share more accuracy in pay ranges and benefits.  


Work opportunities for international students 

International students are eligible to apply for jobs with these tech companies with the right visa. Working in the US after graduation is possible with an OPT or CPT program, where you can work towards working for a high-level US tech company. These programs also allow you to work during semester, meaning you can get your foot in the door with an internship to get experience for a graduate role. 


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