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Intake Study World 國際留遊學展,名校代表一對一諮詢

Intake Study World is the largest study abroad fair where you can find everything you need for your application to programmes and universities around the world. You can find helpful advice and learn practical information and network with people with similar dreams and hopes. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss if you are planning to study in UK, US, Canada, Ireland or other countries, or even just considering doing it. 


To help you make the most out of Intake Study World, we've put together 5 must-dos here in this blog post. 


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1. Consult our advisors 

Well, first thing first, you’re here for information regarding your study abroad plan. You are probably eager to learn more about different study abroad programmes, scholarships, how to start your application or even how to study abroad. All these can be answered by our expert advisors. 


Before you explore the Intake Study World on your own, come and talk to our advisors about your chosen or preferred schools. If you haven’t decided on a couple of study programmes to apply for, we can also help you narrow your options down to some schools and universities to study abroad at. From there, you can start planning to study overseas, writing an SOP, collecting necessary documents, signing up for required exams, etc. Our advisors can, of course, walk you through this whole process. 


2. Pay attention to our announcements 

Every year, thousands of students with big dreams come to Intake Study World. A lot could happen at an event with that many people. There might be some emergencies, people might be confused as to where to queue for booths and certain stands or stands or we might have to change the locations of some pre-planned events or activities because of the number of attendants.  


So, for everyone to enjoy quality time at our study abroad fair and to avoid unnecessary chaos and confusion, please listen carefully to any live announcements we make. We might remind you to queue properly to save time, advise you to move to a more spacious area so that you can have a conversation with our advisors, university representatives or other students or let you know some talks have been moved to another room. These will all be done through live announcements. Therefore, whether you’re discussing your study abroad plans and schooling choices with advisors or chatting with new friends, please heed our announcements and act as we advise. 


3. Network with other students 

Of course, you’re at Intake Study World to learn more information about universities overseas and explore more options for your study abroad plans. But one big part of your student life in a foreign country is about the people you meet. You can start experiencing this part early by mingling with others at the Intake Study World and learning a thing or two about everyone whose path crosses with yours. 


As mentioned before, the number of people that come to the Intake Study World every year is large. You will surely find one or two with similar dreams and aspirations at the study abroad fair, who you can connect with. You can support each other through this journey. Who knows? You might get a friend of a lifetime. the study world is a great opportunity for you to enrich your life. 


Go and meet people! 


4. Fill in a call card at the information desk 

As the study world event is often crowded with students who wish to talk with school reps or study abroad experts, you might find yourself idly standing in queues on end. 

To use your time more wisely, you can go to the information desk and pick up a call card. Write down your basic contact information and tell us your dream schools before returning it to us. Our advisors would be sure to reach out to you and walk you through your applications and help you with any difficulties you encounter while planning to study abroad. 


Don’t forget to get a call card, fill it up and hand it back! 


5. Have fun and take lots of pictures 

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy Study World while getting helpful information. At the event, we have prepared several Instagram-worthy photo stand-ins for you. 


Come and take pics with them! We can’t wait for you to flood our feeds with your Study World photos! 


See you at Study World! 

If you’re going abroad to study and still thinking about whether or not to come to the Intake study world, don’t think anymore. Register for the Intake Study World here now! Talk with our advisors about your dream schools, applications and scholarships to study abroad, mingle with new people and have the best time all at Intake Study World. 


Study World

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