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What is a CAS?

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a unique reference number that a student uses to apply for a student visa in the UK. The CAS serves as written proof of your unconditional offer to study with a UK University.


Who issues a CAS?

The University you have received an unconditional offer from issues a CAS to you. Want to know the difference between a Conditional and an Unconditional offer? Find out here.


What is a CAS used for?

Before you can successfully apply for a student visa, you will need to submit a CAS. Your unique reference number must also be included on your visa application. When you include your CAS number on your Student visa application form, a UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration) caseworker would be able to electronically access your details.

And so in simple terms, no CAS equals no Study Visa.


When should I apply for a CAS?

It is expected that students request a CAS before their course start date at the university. When you receive your CAS email, ensure you read the email thoroughly as soon as you receive it to ensure that there are no mistakes that might impact your visa application later. You must apply for your visa within 6 months of receiving your CAS.

What is included in a CAS?

The CAS electronic document includes both your personal and the University's information (your planned course of study and any fees associated with it), while also assigning you a unique CAS number.

Who needs a CAS?

·         If you are an international student from outside of Europe, who has never lived in the UK before.

·         You are coming to the United Kingdom to study for more than six months.

·         If you do not already have a visa for the UK that grants you the right to study.

When is a CAS issued?

CAS cannot be released more than six months before the start date of your program. UK schools usually start releasing CAS in May, for programs starting in September.

Now that you know all there is to know about a CAS, but you still need guidance on how to go about your visa application, you can simply reach out to the Intake Team, and we’ll be glad to put you through for free.

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