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English Language proficiency and other entrance exams are a crucial part of the study abroad process; and while this could sound overwhelming, do not let it scare you. As a Nigerian, using your West African Exams Council (WAEC/ WASSCE) results is sometimes accepted by the universities especially if your English grades are considered strong per their standards.


Whether you are headed for London, Toronto, Cardiff, Glasgow, or Dublin, your English proficiency in foreign universities will be confirmed through standard tests. These are important exams to take to study abroad. Moreover, academic requirements vary for each institution, but all international students must meet them to participate in their program. These standardized examinations are designed to test students and eventually raise the chances of admission to a variety of schools. That being said, a good grade can even boost your chances of receiving scholarships and awards.


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Below are five different standard English exams to study abroad.


What is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)?


The GMAT is a business/ management school entrance exam that consists of four parts:


  1. The part that assesses critical thinking and communication abilities.
  2. The part that highlights integrated thinking and assesses students' ability to analyze data and interpret information presented in a variety of formats.
  3. A part that is used to confirm if students have high mathematical abilities and numerical literacy.
  4. And verbal reasoning which assesses reading comprehension, editing skills, and the ability to comprehend written arguments.


"The GMAT is purposefully designed to evaluate skills that are most relevant to business school," says one expert. This makes it one of the exams to take to study abroad for those who are planning to take a business course.


According to experts, the GMAT's mathematical and verbal complexity of the questions varies with time, based on the accuracy of the test-taker. So, if the test-taker answers a question correctly, the next question is frequently more difficult.


However, if a question is answered poorly, the next question is usually a simpler one. The computer determines a score at the end of the test based on whether the test-taker was able to appropriately respond to difficult questions.


What is GRE?

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It's a multiple-choice test that most graduate schools require applicants to take, as part of their application process. GRE is accepted by most North American institutions and a factor in deciding if a candidate will be admitted to an Ivy League school. So, if your aim is to study at an Ivy League school, the GRE is one of the exams to take to study abroad.


The standardized multiple-choice, computer-based exam is frequently needed for entrance to graduate schools and MBA programs around the world.


The Test maker is called ETS, which administers the GRE to give graduate and business schools standardized metrics to compare applicants' qualifications and readiness for graduate-level academic work. Your GRE score, as well as your academic record and supporting papers, are used by graduate school and business school admission committees to judge your preparation for the rigors of graduate academic study.


Just like the GMAT, a high GRE score will have a direct and favorable impact on your graduate or business school admissions chances which is why you need to study well for these international exams to study abroad.


What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely used English language test in the world and one of the international exams to study abroad. It was created by some of the world's top language assessment professionals and assesses all your English skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


The test depicts how you will use English in an English-speaking environment to study, work, and live. You can take the test at any authorized testing location in Nigeria.


There are two types of IELTS testing- Academic and General IELTS. For the purpose of studying abroad, you are advised to choose the Academics.


IELTS Scale of 9 Bands

Each section of the test will be graded on a scale of 1 to 9. Your overall IELTS band score is determined by your average score, and you can be evaluated on full or half points.


IELTS exams are taken twice every month at the British Council in Nigeria. Since a lot of aspiring students like you would also want to take these exams to study abroad, it is important to reserve well in advance as spots fill up rapidly, especially during the summer months.


What is TOEFL?

Also Conducted by ETS, the TOEFL means the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It has 4 sections on the test: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.


The TOEFL is a computer-based standardized test used to determine an applicant's proficiency in English. It is an important aspect of the admission process for many overseas students who speak English as a second language. But how significant is the TOEFL? While many universities in the United States are now altering their testing criteria to account for disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak, many will continue to need international students to submit TOEFL scores. Now is the time for international students applying to US universities to plan for the TOEFL and how it fits into their college preparation, especially because many students will have access to the at-home TOEFL.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it is feasible to determine how your TOEFL score may affect the way your college application is seen, as well as how much weight your TOEFL score may carry throughout the college admissions process, thereby making it one of the most important exams to take to study abroad.


What is SAT?

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) also measures the student’s understanding and readiness for colleges where it is required. This test also evaluates a student’s written, verbal, and mathematical skills.


Your SAT score alone can stand for 50% of your acceptance decision by the college’s admission board. Therefore, studying hard for the SAT is a must as not only because it is one of the exams to take to study abroad but also because passing your SAT gives you a higher chance of getting admitted to your preferred university. This makes it one of the most important international exams to study abroad.


Before registering for SAT, one must know that there are 20 SAT subject areas in English, History, Languages, Mathematics & Science. Each subject test is an hour-long and requires

a valid passport is the only acceptable identification card for taking SAT in Nigeria.



Intake Nigeria does not conduct these tests and exams. We are positioned to advise and guide you on where to take these papers and what exams to take to study abroad. Now let us make this a reality. Contact an Intake Advisor today who will guide you. All the best. Cheers!



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