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Every year, thousands of Nigerian students graduate at different educational cycles in the country with hopes of pursuing higher education. And depending on their family’s financial status and sometimes luck, one’s post–study option is to study abroad. If you’re interested in furthering your education, here’s everything you need to know to find the right study abroad agency.   


Education Agents are responsible for overseeing the education services of students in a certain setting. Like Intake Education, we are committed to assisting students successful pursue their education in the UK, IRELAND, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and New Zealand.  

So you've decided to study abroad. Congratulations! It's a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and gain international experience. But how do you go about finding a study abroad agency? This can be tricky since there are so many study abroad agencies in Nigeria, and not all study abroad agencies are reputable. 


In this article, we will give you some tips on working with study abroad agents as well as how to choose the right education consultancy for you.


Why do students need study abroad agents? 

The role of education agents to Nigerian students is to serve as information disseminators to students on available opportunities abroad in the area of education.


gents have always been at the forefront in administering the contracts for student recruitment and signing for recruiting institutions. As the education industry enters a new phase of development, agents will be required to offer the best of practice to students. 


A study abroad agency works directly with universities in your desired study destination to offer study options that fit your needs and specializations. Study abroad agents can help you navigate the study abroad process, from application to visa support and everything in between. They can guide you through all study abroad programs, including student exchange, study tours, and international traineeship programs. They can also recommend universities that are reputable, affordable, and meet your study goals.

What can a good education consultancy do for you?  

A good education agent should help you identify the best course options for your study plan; explain and interpret fees, bonds and obligations; provide accurate information on tuition costs, application deadlines, post-study work rights, scholarships and study- visas; advise you on how to make your application as competitive as possible; guide you through the enrolment process when an offer has been made; keep you informed of the latest updates in education providers' policies and procedures. 


In essence, study abroad agents help improve the educational level of students in Nigeria through placements in schools across the world, matching courses and programs for individuals as per their qualification and financial capacity.  


Like Intake Education, a student abroad agency will be able to help you to choose a school that best suits your academic needs and meets your budget.  




How to choose a good education agent? 

It is estimated that there are at least 300 education agents and over 2000 sub agents working in Nigeria to recruit students for Colleges and Universities abroad. 

Education agents offer families a great way to find a school or college. However, many education agents are not properly credentialed. Verifying the agent's credentials before letting them help your family or friend is very vital to the success of your application with the school or college selection. 


The best way to finally choose your education agent is to “research” on the brand’s credibility and experience! 


A good starting point for your research is to look at how long they have been in the study abroad business. If an agent has been in this industry for less than three years, you should consider another study agent! 


The study agency's website is a good place to begin your research. First off, the website should be professional and must include information about their office, education agents, and or study advisors. If you have a personal connection to the study abroad agency, that might be a good place to start as well. 


Here are some further questions to ask study abroad agencies before you sign a contract. 


  • How long has your study abroad agency been operating? 
  • What study programs do you offer? 
  • What study courses do you offer in study destination? 
  • Which study destination is the best fit for my study plan? 
  • How much study abroad cost will I need to pay in total (tuition fees, living expenses, etc.?) 
  • How soon can I start my study abroad program after admission? 
  • What are the entry requirements that I must meet before studying abroad? 
  • How can you assist me in my study abroad application and visa processing? 


How Intake is different from other agencies 

Intake is a leading global education advisory service that connects students with overseas education opportunities in English-speaking countries.  


At Intake, we study what the study destination is looking for in a student. We study the study requirements and program options offered by different study destinations. We study how to best match our clients with the study destination that will offer them an opportunity to successfully complete their study goals. 


With a growing network of advisors and alumni, online and offline resources and events, as well as local market insights, Intake delivers expert advice that changes lives.  

Intake has over 30 local offices across Africa, Asia, and Europe, and has helped over 100,000 students study abroad since 1993. 

Why readers should choose Intake? 

At Intake, the student always comes first. We work, first and foremost, to the needs, desires, objectives and aspirations of the student.  


Intake has decades of experience and extensive knowledge, providing expert advise on study destinations, study requirements and study programs.  


We also form strategic partnerships with leading study abroad organizations across Africa, Asia, and Europe to ensure that students have access to the most up-to-date study opportunities abroad.  


Lastly, our study advisors are known for their high level of service and thorough study experience knowledge, and we take pride in our commitment to ensure your success as an international student.  


At Intake, we make sure you come first! 

Are you ready to figure out which country is the best fit for you?  No problem, We've got you covered.  

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