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The USA remains a favorite destination for Nigerian Students and other African Nationals. The continent sees mass education tourism to the USA annually and this is because for many fruitful reasons. With that being said, what are the reasons why you should study in the USA?


Going to a university is not only an important milestone in people’s lives, but it is now like a rite of passage for young adults. You will go through many life experiences that will enrich and mold you to be a different and better person! That is why it is extremely important to choose the right university and the best courses to study in the USA. Other than that, it is also important to know what are the requirements to study in the USA if you are planning to spend your educational experience there.

Why Study in the USA: Five Benefits of Studying in the USA

Here are the Top 5 benefits of choosing to study a program in the USA


1. Outstanding education resilience

The United States has some of the best institutions in the world, with many of them continuously rating high in international university rankings. American universities are also noted for having high academic standards, adhering to strict quality-control measures, and being well-supported to provide an outstanding education to their students. According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, the United States has 33 of the top 100 universities. Similarly, the Times Higher Education Rankings has put seven American universities among the top ten universities in the world.


2. Exceptional career opportunities

Having an overseas degree, particularly one from the United States bodes well for your future. It gives you more opportunities to advance your career.

You will have job options because you have experienced a global classroom structure, therefore, it will be in your best interest to explore internship and Co-Op programs while in school which creates a platform for students' professional prospects and open bigger opportunities for the future.


3. Education system that is adaptable

Universities and colleges in the United States create room for diversity- in student culture, programs, and campus activities that allow you to live freely. These universities and colleges provide a wide range of programs as well as the best courses to study in the USA that you can choose from. You have complete control over not only the content but also the organization of the course. At the university level, this allows you to investigate your subject of interest and make an informed decision without feeling rushed. Similarly, when it comes to your graduate studies, you may pick what you want to focus on, and when it comes to drafting your dissertation, you can concentrate on the themes you want to emphasize.


4. Excellent international student support system

Universities in the United States recognize the difficulties faced by international students and provide frequent orientation programs, workshops, and training to assist them. The international student office assists students like you in acclimating to a new way of life - whether you have an academic, cultural, or social question, the staff will be available to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


5. Academia and research advantage

There are comprehensive and standard research practices you will adopt while pursuing higher education in the United States of America. For everyone eyeing academia, you will surely benefit from a US university.


Popular courses for Nigerian students in the USA

Medicine and Nursing

There is a high interest and demand in academic pursuits for Medicine in the USA. Annually, the United States sees hundreds of Nigerian students. Most students in Nigerian pursue medicine and nursing programs because they have a passion for that industry. Medical specialists are in demand due to the rise of diseases and pandemics, thus, making medicine one of the most sought-after disciplines at universities.

Furthermore, many individuals believe that doctors and nurses are easily employed after graduating from medical school.


With all these reasons in mind, it is easy to see why Nigerian parents want their children to pursue a career in medicine and nursing as it is one of the best courses to study in the USA.



Business and Law

Evidence reveals that students flock to America's major universities' business colleges because they regard these programs' strengths as the finest preparation for a decent job both in the US and at home. Another vital component in these statistics is the person's home country. The large numbers of students from Nigeria and Ghana have a significant impact on the overall results. A student from Nigeria is more likely to enroll at a business college because a quickly rising economy will provide distinguished career possibilities for those schooled in the United States.



International students interested in studying engineering in the United States will discover that engineering is a rapidly growing discipline with promising career opportunities both in the United States and abroad. Students with a strong interest in math and science should think about this course of study and the several specializations available.


International students can choose from a variety of engineering degree programs around the United States. Individuals can be creative while using science and math to create and operate a range of structures, machines, and processes in engineering. Because of the career opportunities and remuneration, it provides, engineering is becoming an immensely popular field of study. It is a difficult yet rewarding subject that combines mathematics, physics, and practical knowledge in a unique way.


Media Studies

Degrees in media and communication are designed to prepare students for careers in the media and to teach them how to critically assess how the media reflects, depicts, and influences the world.


Most media studies courses in the USA combine practical preparation for various media careers with opportunities to analyze media representations from various perspectives – including moral, political, and historical – and offer a combination of practical preparation for various media careers and opportunities to analyze media representations from different perspectives. For example, in addition to developing practical skills such as video production or copywriting, students may have the opportunity to investigate topics such as gender or race representation in the media, or the representation of a disability in the media while studying in the USA.


What are the requirements to study in the USA?


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