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New Zealand

New Zealand is a natural splendor to locals, tourists, and even students. With its vast landscapes and unique culture, the country offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Apart from its picturesque settings, the education system in New Zealand places high importance on a lifelong education.


New Zealand's education system is tremendously diversified and is considered as one of the finest in the world with great standards in reading, math, and science, not to mention, rated well by worldwide standards. 


New Zealand’s educational system is drawing international attention as broad labor markets are in need of skilled and innovative workers. The education here is highly respected and valued around the world, with students being able to find work in their field of study relatively easily after graduation including an increasing mobile network of teachers, researchers, and a well-traveled student population. So, if you are looking for a country with good job prospects, New Zealand should definitely be on your list!  


Here's an overview of the cost of study in New Zealand: 


New Zealand Study Cost


Although New Zealand is the perfect location to experience a top-notch education and exceptional quality of life, there are a number of costs to take into account before studying abroad. 


1. New Zealand University Fees


Undergraduate Tuition Fees

International undergraduate students should budget around NZ$22,000-32,000 (about US$14,900-21,700) each year, with greater costs for areas like medicine and veterinary science. This information is from the official Study in New Zealand website. The average bachelor's degree in New Zealand can be earned in three years. 


Postgraduate Tuition Fees

International master's students pay NZ$26,000–37,000 (about US$17,660–25,100) in yearly fees, compared to NZ$5,000–10,000 for native students. 


In turn, international PhD students pay the same tuition as local students, which for the majority of areas ranges from NZ$6,500 to 9,000 (US4,400 to 6,100) per year. 



Cost of living in New Zealand


If you want to study in New Zealand for more than a year, then you must prove in your student visa application that you have at least NZ$15,000 (about US$10,200) to cover your living expenses for the first year.


However, depending on your lifestyle, where you live, and your purchasing habits, you could need more or less than this amount. For instance, the University of Auckland advises students to budget between NZ$20,000 and NZ$25,000, or around US$13,500 and US$16,900. 


The University of Auckland estimates the below weekly cost of living in New Zealand which is based on the nation's capital, Wellington, and the largest city, Auckland, which are the costliest cities in New Zealand for living expenses.: 


1. Accommodation Costs 


The majority of institutions in New Zealand allows students to live in the halls of residence, which may be a highly cost-effective choice at about NZ$270 (about US$180) each week. Self-catered and catered options are available too, and prices range from as little as NZ$169 (US$114) a week at the University of Canterbury to as much as NZ$473 (US$320) in catered student halls. 


Private housing is often more expensive, with a three-bedroom apartment in the city center in Auckland costing approximately NZ$3,276 (US$2,200) per month and one in Dunedin costing about NZ$1,520 (US$1,020). 


2. Food and Beverages


  • NZ$120 (~US$80) for food 


3. Transportation Costs


  • NZ$35 (~US$24) for transport 


4. Monthly Phone Bill


  • NZ$10 (~US$6.75) for a mobile phone plan 


5. Entertainment


  • NZ$55 (~US$37) for entertainment 


6. Insurance


  • NZ$8 (~US$5) for insurance 

New Zealand Student Visa Fees


New Zealand student visa fees costs NZ$295 for online application for applicants outside of NZ. It is the most popular visa that out-of-the-country students need to apply for to study in New Zealand. Depending on your nationality, applying for your visa through mail can be less expensive for you.



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