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Intake connects aspiring students to international education. We have a global portfolio of educational partners, with us representing several universities in Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, and our largest portfolio in the UK.  

At a time where the medical field is at the forefront of the globalized economy, pursuing a medical and life sciences degree has become not only extremely beneficial to the current landscape of our society but also for our ever-evolving future in life and health. As a result, your first step in pursuing a life sciences or medical degree is to select a university that is committed not only to science but also to innovation and community development. 


If you’re looking to pursue a medical or life science degree, ONCAMPUS partners with Aston University! Aston University is a public research university which has its roots in 1895 and eventually evolving into UK’s first College of Advanced Technology in 1956. With ONCAMPUS, international students can study medicine in the UK. 



Medical and Life Sciences at Aston University 


There are several courses being offered by Aston University in the Life Sciences and Medical Field that ranges from optometry to biology. Aston University offers expert teaching, while allowing students to take part in groundbreaking research relevant to the major developments within the medical community. Furthermore, Aston University offers community building programs such as initiatives to deliver free eye-health awareness lessons as well as free vision and color vision screening, these are also followed by more comprehensive eye exams and eyeglasses to children who require them (Henderson, 2021). 



Aston University in Rankings 
Aston University’s College of Health and Life Sciences upholds an established position as a leader in education and research for health and life sciences. The university is also heavily decorated as they are currently top 10 in the UK for Health Professions (Guardian University Guide, 2021), top 150 in the world for Psychology (Times Higher Education, World Subject Rankings, 2021), and top 10 in the UK for research quality in Aural and Oral Sciences, Biological Sciences, Ophthalmics, Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and Psychology (Complete University Guide, 2021).   

Why should you study or pursue your education at Aston University through ONCAMPUS? 


ONCAMPUS partners with Intake Philippines to connect students to the world’s leading universities specifically throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. ONCAMPUS offers flexible programmes such as the Medicine Undergraduate Foundation Programme in partnership with universities like Aston University. 


If you are a Filipino looking to kickstart their global education journey, Intake provides trusted advice for students looking to explore education opportunities overseas. Intake has a global portfolio of educational partners with us representing several universities in Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, and our largest portfolio in the UK.  One of these prestigious partners is ONCAMPUS. Through our assistance with private counselling, we can provide the best advice for your application process to your dream university. More importantly, our services are for free.  


To learn more about the different opportunities offered by our partner schools, register now at our free one-on-one consultations that will be held this October 26-30! Maximize your opportunities and register now for your free consultation here: 




Henderson, E. (2021, July 27). Unique initiative aims to deliver good eye health to local communities in Birmingham. Retrieved from News Medical Life Sciences: 


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