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International Relations

Intake is partnered with universities in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. Intake has been helping students and those who aspire to study abroad since 1993 and until today Intake has been helping more on that path. Just like Nottingham Trent University who has been helping to build the skills on International Relations that allows us all to have a brighter future in communication and understanding one other. 



What is International Relations? 

The course International Relations, as well as the interaction with people, cultures, and history, enables each of us to be a society in the world by continuing the partnership and good agreement with one another. It is the study of states' interactions with one another, as well as with international organizations and certain subnational entities. 



The world is constantly changing. From the evolution of technology and how we communicate with people, to public health and the world being affected by the COVID-19 and causing the world to come to a halt in terms of not being able to travel or even leave the house without fear of the virus, to the ongoing fight for equality and justice for all people, regardless of skin color, religion, race, and gender. 


It is all powered by human interaction and International Relations is more than just a political course. Everyone believes that the only way to get into International Relations is to work in politics or become an ambassador, but there is more to it. International Relations is a part of politics, and taking this course allows students to learn from what has happened in the past, how mistakes have been corrected, and how they are not repeated in the future. 




Nottingham Trent University's International Relations program teaches students to be aware of global issues and provides opportunities to work with top-tier academic departments. With this, students are able to enrich the necessary skills needed to be part of the global shakers of the world in various government positions, NGOs, environmental agencies, historical fields, and even teaching, to name a few. 




Nottingham Trent University will talk about how the International is Personal for a webinar at Intake's Study World Exhibition, which will be happening on October 23, 2021 at 6:30 PM Philippine time. The webinar will firstly focus on some of the key themes in the contemporary study of International Relations. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Afghanistan to reproductive rights of women in Texas, NTU will explore how governments, diplomats and international institutions shape our lives. NTU will also discuss what ‘security’ means and how it can be understood. For the second part of the webinar, NTU’s courses will be covered such as BA and MA International Relations, MA Security Studies, etc. 


This event is FREE, open to everyone, and e-certificates will also be provided. You may register here: 



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