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In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the UK implemented a travel list that divided countries into green, amber, and red lists respectively, which is called the traffic light system. But as vaccination rates continue to improve and rapid testing, the UK has decided to simplify travel rules, thus scrapping the travel light system, and replacing it with a single red list (Morton & Turner, 2021). As a result, 47 countries were removed from the red list and one of these countries is the Philippines. 


Fully vaccinated individuals who are not coming from red list countries can enter the country with a day 2 test. However, individuals who are not fully vaccinated must still take a pre-departure test, a day 2 test and a day 8 test. They must also complete 10 days of isolation and have the option to have a Test for Release on the 5th day of isolation (GOV. UK, 2021). 


According to the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, these efforts are directed towards a future to safely open travel that can consequently bring good effects towards families that have been separated, businesses, and the travel sector (Morton & Turner, 2021). For more information on the new travel restrictions, you can find it here.


Furthermore, with the ease of restrictions, fully vaccinated aspiring students can continue to pursue their global education overseas without having to do it online. Visa application may seem challenging amidst the pandemic yet understanding and adapting to the new processes is very much possible. 


Intake aims to help you find your direction and identify what is the next step you must take to secure your future. Through our assistance on Visa application, our advisors provide expert advice and research on what documents are needed.  We also provide seminars with embassies, to prepare our students for their visa application and interview.  More importantly, all these integral services are provided to our students for free. 


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