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United States COVID-19 Border

The holiday season is in full swing with only a few days before Christmas. Finals are slowly finishing, and everyone’s winter break has officially begun. This year, everyone are able to travel back home and spend it with family and loved ones because some countries have eased their lockdown restrictions. Amidst this holiday season, Intake is here to spread some Christmas news for fellow Filipinos coming home from the US. 


Traveling to the US 

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the updated requirements for travelling in and out of the US for foreigners. The CDC is requiring all passengers who shall travel to the US to have the following before they board their flight: 

  1. Must be fully vaccinated to travel to the US 

  1. Show a negative (-) COVID-19 test result or official document of recovery from COVID-19 

  1. Wear a mask at all times 


Just like one of our partner schools in California, UC Berkley Extension, the International Office makes sure to update students through their website on what students would need when coming back from the holidays. This includes: 

  1. Student Visa 

  1. U.S. Entry Visa 

  1. Valid Passport 


Traveling to the Philippines 

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) has released an updated mandate upon entry to the Philippines on December 3, 2021. Since the US is not part of the red list countries, fully vaccinated Filipinos would only need to do the following: 

  1. Have a negative test result within 72 hours prior to departure 

  1. Stay in a facility-based quarantine until release of negative result in the Philippines 

  1. A swab test again on the 5th day of arrival 

  1. Do a home quarantine until the 14th day from arrival 

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Courtesy of the Philippine Airlines 


With the growing number of people being fully vaccinated and getting their booster shots, it is now easier to travel whether it will be for leisure, business, or education. 


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