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There are many students who have successfully obtained scholarships through Intake, so see what scholarships are available this year!

Scholarship Type

Scholarship Name

Scholarship Amount

Application Deadline

Academic Excellence Global Excellence Scholarship (GES) 50% / 100% tuition fees 2023-03-01
Entrance International Students Scholarship (ISS) Partial automated €2,000 - €10,000 2022-12-31
Entrance Chancellors International Development Scholarship 21/22 £2,500 2022-12-31
Entrance Global Gold Excellence Scholarship £3,500 2022-12-31
Academic Excellence Global Silver Excellence Scholarship £3,000 2022-08-31
Entrance Vice Chancellor's Global Development Scholarship £1,600 fee reduction 2022-12-31
Postgraduate Scholarships The Essex MBA Dean's Award between 10% - 100% of tuition fee value 2022-12-31
Postgraduate Scholarships Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship £4,000 2022-12-31
Entrance International Student Scholarship Merit-based 2022-12-31
Foundation Oxford International Education Group Scholarships £5,000 2022-12-31
Foundation ONCAMPUS Scholarships £2,000 2022-12-31
Undergraduate Scholarships Northumbria Undergraduate Global Scholarship £3,000 discount 2022-08-30
Postgraduate Scholarships Northumbria Postgraduate Global Scholarship £2,000 fee discount 2022-12-31
International Excellence Scholarship 2022/23 International Excellence Scholarship £6,000 as a tuition fee waiver 2022-10-20
Engineering and Physical Sciences George W Gray International Scholarship £9,000 tuition fee award for every year of study 2022-09-01
Postgraduate Scholarships Better World Scholarship (MBA Programme Director Scholarships) up to £500,000 2022-09-30
Postgraduate Scholarships University of Exeter Alumni Scholarship 2022/23 10% reduction in the first year tuition fee 2022-08-31
Postgraduate Scholarships Progression Scholarship 10% reduction in the first year tuition fee 2022-08-31
Postgraduate Scholarships MSc Blockchain in Business and Society Scholarships £15,000 2023-09-30