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Accommodation at boarding schools is like a ‘home away from home’. Somewhere students can relax with their friends, play games, study, and of course, sleep! Our Intake advisors will be very happy to help you find the best home.

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Boarding Houses

Living in a boarding house provides a fun yet supportive environment for students. Each boarding house will have house parents who are responsible for all the student needs. Usually students share rooms with other students in lower years but in most schools will have their own room in the final years. Rooms normally consist of a bed, a wardrobe, some storage space and a desk for each student. Some have private bathrooms, whereas others are shared with other students. There are communal areas to socialise with other students, many offering games rooms for table tennis or table football and outside areas for a BBQ in the summer. Male and female students usually live in separate boarding houses. 

In traditional boarding schools, accommodation will usually be on campus. At 6th form colleges, accommodation can be on campus or sometimes a short walk from the school. Please discuss your requirements with your Intake advisor. We know how important it is to be part of a safe and happy home.  

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Homestay – Host Family

Most students live at school, but some schools offer homestay accommodation where students live with host families to experience local culture and practice the language. All host families working with schools have to meet certain standards. 

Please remember to inform your advisor of any special requirements, such as any food allergies or special diet. We will do our best to help you find a host family that meets your needs.