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Accommodation is an important part of your overseas study experience. Let us help you find the right place to live!


Language School Residential Accommodation

For international students studying at language schools, living in a residence is the best way to mix with other people and make new friends! Most language schools offer student accommodation, which will normally consist of a room with a bed, a wardrobe, some storage space and a desk. Some will offer a private bathroom, whereas others are shared with other students. There are communal areas where you can socialise with other students. Male and female students usually live in the same residence. Single gender accommodation is sometimes available. 


Since many universities cannot guarantee on-campus accommodation for all their students (although international students usually receive priority), as soon as you have made your final decision on where to study, you should start looking for accommodations. Applying for student accommodation can be quite confusing due to the many choices available, but this is something that your Intake advisor will be able to help you with.

International students cooking and chatting with host family.


Most international students who study in a language school will choose to live in a homestay with host families to experience local culture and practice the language. All host families working with language schools or colleges must be reviewed by the school to ensure that they are good families. Students can usually choose a single room or share a room with another student of a different nationality.

Please remember to inform your advisor of any special requirements, such as any food allergies or special diet. Your advisor will do their best to help you choose a host family that meets your needs.